45°N57’ 42’’ – 077°W08’25” / Astro-Poetry

45°N57’ 42’’ – o77°W08’25”

23:30 EST + 5:00



Caring, nurturing person

cloying, meddlesome, nag.

Builds emotional barriers,

adores vintage.

Wears heart on sleeve.


Survival = possessions,

refuses to buy store brands.

Values dignity, pride, and warmth of heart.

An authority of finance;

too generous with own.


Literary critic.  Editor.  Proofreader. Teacher.

Communication is critical; writing is a craft.

Practical thinker

writes flawless novels

delivers the perfect speech.


House divided;

peace at all costs.

Seeks elegant gardens; has eye for interior design.

The ‘perfect childhood’;

indifferent to native land.


Passionate re: hobbies & interests.

Falls for possessive people.

Requires emotionally complex companions.

Throws “invite-only” parties.

Has taboo love affairs.


Keen on health and diet.

Gains wisdom from foreign domains.

Condescending attitude towards coworkers.

Goes overboard with pets.

Can’t focus on mundane chores.


Married to a father figure.

Public image is conservative and authoritarian.

Plays role of dutiful spouse.

Has successful clients.

Requires hard working partner from good family line.


Avoids deep commitment;

keeps everyone in the “friend zone.”

Unusual research methods,

technology fetish.

Equates astrology with psychology.


Transcendence through higher education,

philosophy and metaphysical ideas.

Expanding cultural horizons.

Religions without boundaries.

Fluid beliefs.


Known as a mystic

transcending defined roles and fixed ideas.

Deals in imagination and impressions.

Idealistic and unrealistic;

Pursues otherworldly ideals.


Devoted friends

who demand no less than the same.

Forms humanitarian groups

with reliable others

serious about realising long-term goals.


Superficial, fickle, gossipy;

sows seeds of self-undoing.

Adores word games,

dreams up clever ideas.

Secretly desires to be trendy & hip.


PS – if interested in creating your own astro-poetry – give me a shout.

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