A Myth for Leo – ‘Whom does the Grail Serve’?

The Grail King is ailing.  Perceval, filled with a sense of his destiny, sets out to save the day.

Yet he fails – big-time.

Is this because he lacks the compassion and understanding to achieve his goal – or rather – because of pride – he lacks the clarity to correctly perceive his goal?

Either way, what starts as a vainglorious quest, ends in a long, hard road to self-understanding.

Similarly, Leo may start life with what he believes is a clear vision of his potential.

But dissappointment is inevitable when his noble aspirations come to naught.  It’s almost as if from birth he ‘knows’ his personal destiny – only to ‘botch’ it when he tries to put it in place.  In other words, the fate of Leo is to  experience – through personal failure – the ‘woundedness’ of all mankind.

After many years, Perceval finally acquires the maturity and wisdom to ask the right question – ‘who does the Grail serve’?  By realistically confronting his failures, Leo too might learn that the Grail serves those who are transformed in its pursuit.


Keywords for Leo – King, Individuality, Proud, Self-Centred, Generous to a fault



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