Will Mr A be tempted again?

Will Mr A be ‘tempted’ back to his former lover, Ms C?images

No – something has happened within the last 20 or so days that has caused Mr A to adopt a complete ‘change of heart’ – whether he is completely comfortable with this new position is a different matter – suggestions are that he is not. But what it is clear is that he’s chosen to take a ‘holier than though’ attitude re: his family vs. his extramarital affair – and that this likely has  much with his finances and business prospects. The affair with Mc C is now ended and will not be revived.

SITUATION – Mrs A has not been best pleased with Mr A for some months. Even though she’s had host of serious health issues during most of that time, Mr A carried on seeing his lover, Ms C – (see The Curious Case of Ms C for some more details). In doing so, Mr A risked everything – his job, his house, his family – it was as if he was caught up in some kind of Neptunian glamour – no matter how precarious his situation became, he wouldn’t let go of Ms C and whatever it was that she meant to him. Then Ms C started loudly and publicly showing her true colours and we can only imagine he thought them less than pretty and, of course, Mrs A had finally had enough and put her ‘financial’ foot down. Life for Mr A had pretty much overnight become quite grim. He backed off from Ms C, or so it would appear – but then we all known things aren’t always what they appear.

ANALYSIS – Everything now seems quiet – Mr A has lately become more or less a ‘model husband’. Should Mrs A trust this – she wonders – and so asks the horary question – ‘what likelihood now that Mr A will be ‘tempted back’ to Ms C?’tempted

  • Mrs A is the querent and so because Aries is rising, she is symbolised by Mars in at 23 PI, which is not particularly weak or strong. Hence even though because Mars is associated with ‘Strength’ (i.e. she remains a force with which to be reckoned), there’s actually not much she personally can do to affect this situation.
  • Mr A is the partner of Mrs A hence because Libra is on the 7th house cusp, he is symbolised by Venus – which is exalted in PI in his 6th Planets in exaltation assume more than their due – undoubtedly they are strong in the sense that they can make things happen – but in exaltation (as opposed to rulership), they tend to act arrogantly. This Venus is in the terms of Jupiter – i.e. officially ‘marries from their own blood and have many children who will become wealthy’. This suggests (along being conjunct also with Neptune) that Mr A has done some ‘internal’ about face – placing his family on a mystical, divine pedestal – untouchable – a pedestal that he might once have reserved for his physical desires for Ms C.
  • This is not to suggest that Mr A is thinking 100% straight re: his new attitude/approach. Nor does it mean he’s particularly happy about it either. Indeed, he probably is not. But because Jupiter conjuncts the 7th house cusp, it can also be taken to represent him and we find Jupiter is in a difficult QNX aspect with Mars (i.e. Mrs A). This suggests something is still ‘out of joint’ (so to speak) between the couple – but with some sort of change between them personally, things could get brighter.
  • More likely than not, Mr A is however at the end of the day feeling quite ‘elevated’ about his attitude/approach – and this most certainly has more to do with him personally than with either his marriage, family, or Ms C. See below, re: movements of the Moon for more possibilities as to what this might be about.
  • Ms C, being the (former) love interest of Mr A is represented by Saturn, ruler of his 5th (the chart’s 11th) house. Saturn is at 23 Sagittarius – neither strong nor weak. However, it is dignified by face – and although that may sound good, actually it is not because it suggests that although Ms C has been dignified in the past, she is about to lose her dignity. In other words, Ms C is on the way out.
  • Regarding the question as to whether Mr A will again be tempted by Ms C, we look to the aspect formed (if any) between Saturn (Ms C) and Venus (Mr A) – and in this case we find an applying SQUARE –this suggests that within 7 weeks (perhaps 7 months), the relationship will come to a crashing and permanent end. With the SQUARE, there is no possibility of Mr A being ‘tempted back’ now.
  • As the Moon is the overall symbol of how events will play out – both past, present, and future – we look to the Moon in this chart which is found at 24 Libra in the house of Mr A.
  • The first aspect made by this moon (about 20 days ago) was a SQUARE with Mercury in Capricorn – suggesting a difficult conversation perhaps business-related. It could also have coincided with a (business) trip of some sort – an important trip – as this aspect is considered good for dealing with influential people.
  • The next aspect made by this moon was a QNX aspect with Venus in Pisces which of course represents Mr A himself. It might well suggest that the message he took in from this difficult conversation was that all his Venusian affairs must be approached with caution – and this includes both personal finances and love affairs.
  • Although we usually do not use new planets such as Uranus in horary, it is tempting to suggest that the opposition that the Moon next formed to Uranus symbolised something both out of the blue and earth-shattering – and in regards to his marriage (Uranus on his 7th house cusp). Whatever it was, it forced him to change his approach/attitude.
  • The next aspects formed by this Moon were (1) a conjunction with Jupiter followed quickly by (2) a sextile to Saturn and (3) a QNX to Mars – suggesting that Mr A has just recently (last 2 days or weeks) realised the true amount of damage his love affair could cause him professionally (possibility even the threat of legal action by his employer if he carries on). Because in horary, Moon Sextile Saturn is traditionally BAD for both love affairs and friendships with women, it is likely that Mr A made this situation clear to Ms C. Shortly afterwards (2 minutes of arc), Mr A turns to his wife, Mrs A, who is represented by Mars in PI. This suggests that although he may not be certain why, he has definitely turned the tide back to those Piscean values noted above – i.e. placing his wife and family on some sort of mystical, divine (i.e. sacrosanct and untouchable) which is where they will remain.
  • The final aspect made by this Moon before it changes sign is a resounding SQUARE to the Sun at 29 Capricorn – unfavourable for new undertakings – dealing with influential people – suggesting again that any temptation he might have harboured to return to Ms C have been squashed by ‘greater concerns’. Because the Sun is conjunct this 5th/11th house cusp which represents Ms C (i.e. the ruler of this cusp in Saturn) it can also be taken as a symbol for Ms C – the square aspect between the Moon and the Sun reinforces that their relationship is now well and truly over. This is the end of the matter.

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