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USA Headed for 2nd Civil War?

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The last time Neptune entered Aries was 13 April 1861, the exact date when the fall of Fort Sumter, marked the commencement of the first Civil War. In early 2025, Neptune will enter Aries again for the first time since 1861. Does this mean America will suffer another civil war? Maybe, and maybe not. Although there are many methods we could use to investigate this, I suggest that we compare the ingress chart for the moment when Neptune entered Aries in 1861 with that of when it will enter Aries in 2025. Summary: The same planetary players – Uranus/Mars/Moon –…

Batten Down the Hatches

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Back in April 2018, I was lucky enough to attend The Astrology of Wealth Management, a seminar given by Christeen Skinner, a clever and well-experienced financial astrologer with a client base of market-traders, investors, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs. In that seminar, Christeen warned us to clear as much personal debt as possible prior to 2020. I…

Financial Astrology – might we be headed for a significant recession in 2025-2026?

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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend an entire day of lectures by Christeen Skinner about financial astrology. Although I learned many things (including that my harmonious natal connection between Jupiter and Pluto  keeps me financially afloat during tough times), my priority was to gain information to support my work-in-process novel, The Curve of Capricorn, and  its primary premise that during the period leading up to 2025, the stage becomes set for the United States to split apart at the seams (i.e. civil war). Christeen reminds us that, at the moment, just about everything is overvalued, and that includes real estate…

Uranus in Taurus – USA leads disruption in world order from 2018 – 2025

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The planet Uranus generally spends 8 or so years in a particular sign and on 15 May 2018, it will enter Taurus, where it has not been since 1934 through 1941. If Taurus is about security and stability and Uranus is about revolution (but once in power can be autocratic and totalitarian), then whilst Uranus is in Taurus, we might expect disruption in stability and security on a world-wide level. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, the rise of Nazi Germany and Italian Fascism (not to mention Japan’s invasion of China) most certainly disrupted world security and stability. If you…

Astrological Analysis for 2016 US Elections and Beyond

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  Executive Summary: The Democrats will take the White House in 2016 in what will, sadly, turn out to be a failed bid to move America toward more socialistic/economically stable ground. The right-wing/fascist movement will continue growing in strength leaving America pretty much in the same position of dangerous polarization currently experienced until about 2026, at which time it’s quite possible that America as we now know it will fall apart at the seams; all the indicators then are those of revolution and civil war. Detailed Analysis: Regarding the upcoming 2016 US presidential election, this is how I see the…

The Makings of a Good Character – Point of View – Belief

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Your character’s point of view may be that the indiscriminate slaughtering of dolphins and whales is morally wrong because they are two of the most intelligent species on the planet, maybe smarter than men. Your character supports that point of view by participating in demonstrations and wearing T-shirts with Save the whales and dolphins on them. That’s an aspect of characterization. Syd Field – The Screen Writer’s Workbook.

Rousseau’s Social Contract & Why the Rich Get Richer While the Poor Get Poorer

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My husband and I recently visited a charming 280-acre National Trust property nestled in the green hills of south Oxfordshire.  First built in the late Middle Ages, Greys Court comprises a substantial complex of sandstone buildings and walled courtyard gardens.  Enjoying coffee and cake in a long, low building said to have garrisoned Cromwell’s soldiers during the Civil War, we contemplated battles long since fought and won. With dozens of other tourists, we rambled  through the three-gabled Elizabethan house dreaming of what it must have been like to have grown up  in such a comfortable and privileged home . But…