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Once upon a time, back when I lived in Boston, MA, I found myself seriously down and out. Not only did I not have a job but I no longer had my health. I needed answers to questions I’d never before thought to ask and with help from the world’s best astrologer, it wasn’t long before I learned how in finding them, I would travel to fantastically new and faraway places.

As the result of my journey, I’ve studied coaching at the University of Cambridge (ACTS accredited) and astrology with masters such as Liz Greene.  I’ve also earned an MA in the Study of Mystical and Religious Experience (University of Kent at Canterbury) while I worked as an international tax lawyer (Massachusetts Bar) with the Big-4 accounting firm, Ernst & Young in Boston, London, and Amsterdam.

My blog has a wide-ranging remit to investigate the role of cosmological, astrological and astronomical beliefs, models and ideas in human culture, including the theory and practice of myth, magic, divination, religion, spirituality, politics, and literature. Now, with my retirement from the legal world, I have time to pursue my latest interest, planetary magic.

I hope that your journey will be as exciting and rewarding as mine.

Best wishes,

Debra DeLeo-Moolenaar

Oxford, United Kingdom

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12 responses to “About / Contact”

  1. Dina Avatar

    Hi Debra,
    thanks for visiting my Blog. I’ll have a closer look at your pages, writing and doing and lokk forward to folllow you.

    Have a great day and alovely weekend.

    Greetings from far North

  2. Herman Avatar

    Hi Debra. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

  3. Lucy Ella Rose Avatar

    Thank you for using my artwork to accompany your article – which, as a feminist academic and Rossetti scholar, I greatly enjoyed!

  4. Max K. Avatar

    Debra, I’m a reporter for Newsweek magazine. Would you be interested in speaking with me for a story? m.kutner@newsweek.com

  5. Sharon Avatar

    I am very interested in your theories. What is the blog site? Or is it just on Facebook?

    1. debramoolenaar Avatar

      Hi Sharon – the blog site is archetypalassets.com – thanks for your comments.

  6. IoanNina Tsampira Avatar
    IoanNina Tsampira

    Hi Debra,

    I’ve just ordered my “long” report and I can’t wait to read it!


    1. debramoolenaar Avatar

      Excellent – will start on this tomorrow!

  7. Marie Feuer Avatar

    I have a question. I was born in 1952 and my birthday it says 9 p.m. and in those days they weren’t very accurate with birth times. So far no one has ever been able to read my chart and some people actually have said that they were blocked from reading it. I am interested in working with you but these are my concerns. Your thoughts please?

    1. debramoolenaar Avatar

      If you have checked (especially with family members ) and 9pm seems good then we use it – if folks aren’t so certain but remember vaguely -say -after dinner sometime – we can use that – if no one wants to hazard a guess then we can use a noon chart – not having an exact birth time isn’t ideal but would never prevent your chart from being read – it might make some techniques less valuable but there are plenty of techniques to use – some astrologers even do chart rectification based on major life events (they try to back into a birth time) but I don’t recommend that for several reasons – some people (including astrologers) use one time for many years and then discover a completely different birth time – I use the time on my birth certificate but my mother said it could have been up to an hour earlier -The point is you need to go with what feels right and then change as necessary in the future. Hope that helps.

  8. the dune mouse (CybeleMoon) Avatar

    Hi Debra, I spoke to you about Paris and Gertrude Stein! Great blog! pop over and visit mine sometime. I will be back here to peruse!!

    1. debramoolenaar Avatar

      Brilliant- thanks and will do! Speak soon!

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