About Debra DeLeo – Moolenaar



Who am I?

  • American lawyer (just retired), novelist, astrologer,
  • Living in Oxford, UK with my Dutch husband, two siamese cats, and adorable little dog,
  • Check me out on Facebook and Twitter.

What is Archetypal Assets?

Once upon a time, I found myself seriously down and out. Not only did I not have a job but I no longer had my health. I needed answers to questions I’d never before thought to ask and it wasn’t long before I discovered that in finding them, I’d travel to fantastically new and faraway places.

As the result of my journey, my blog has a wide-ranging remit to investigate the role of cosmological, astrological and astronomical beliefs, models and ide13418544_10154395342687275_1477328834910381091_o (1)as in human culture, including the theory and practice of myth, magic, divination, religion, spirituality, politics and the arts – especially  literature.

Here are some of my favourites:

Psychoanalysis and Critical Literary Theory

A different take on Christmas

The Troubles of a Certain Mr A & the Predictive Technique of Firdaria

The Makings of a Good Character – Point of View – Belief

Best wishes,




  1. Hi Debra,
    thanks for visiting my Blog. I’ll have a closer look at your pages, writing and doing and lokk forward to folllow you.

    Have a great day and alovely weekend.

    Greetings from far North

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