Except as otherwise states,  I will need – at a minimum – your birthdate, time, and place. Please use the contact form to provide this information as well as to ask any questions.

TURNAROUND TIME – usually within 2 weeks of ordering. BUT if you’ve specific timing concerns, please contact me before ordering.



A written analysis (approximately 1,000 words) of your year ahead – birthday to birthday.




In your astrological chart, the MC or Mid-heaven marks the highest point that the Sun will reach on the day that you were born. In this respect, it represents the point for which you’re always aiming – call it what you like – dharma, calling, vocation, and/or personal path to enlightenment. Written report (approx. 1,000 words).




An insightful and softly philosophic BESPOKE written report focusing on a single tarot card symbolic of your astrological Sun and Moon. Perfect as a gift – you only need to know the day and year that a person was born. No specific concerns considered and no predictive work. Please ensure you contact me with birthdate details!




A written consideration (approximately 3,000 words) of key natal planetary placements related to your most pressing current concern using a BESPOKE combination of classical and modern predictive techniques. The name of the game is to (1) get to grips with how and why you got to this point, (2) gain understanding as to the dynamics set in play by recent transits and progressions, and (3) then try to make some sense what all this might mean for you going forward.



Update for Existing Astrology Clients

A top-up (written or Skype) for existing clients as to how things from the last reading have progressed.




Late in the spring of 2018, I will be offering brand new astrological coaching services.



PLEASE NOTE – Although I have formally studied psychological astrology, I am neither a qualified counsellor nor therapist. Neither do I profess to be psychic. Whilst I am happy to comment on health issues in generalities, I do not specialise in Medical Astrology.




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