Traditional Astrological Readings

Prague Astronomical Clock (Orloj) in the Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. Famous Landmarks in Praha – Watercolor art

If you’re interested in a reading, please have look at the different types below and contact me IN ADVANCE of paying for it.

This is to ensure that I can meet any time constraints that you have as well as ensuring that, given your issues, you’re choosing the right one.



Learn more about your personal year ahead – birthday to birthday - which area of your life will get the most focus and what challenges and benefits might you expect? A one hour consultation in person, by phone, or SKYPE.



Synastry examines how one person impacts another. Does he/she know exactly which of your buttons to push? With synastry, you’ll not only understand why but how best to respond. You will need birth details for the other person, however, so please ensure you can get them before you order. A one hour consultation in person, by phone, or SKYPE.



The MC or Mid-heaven marks the highest point that the Sun will reach on the day that you were born representing that point for which you’re always aiming – call it what you like – dharma, calling, vocation, and/or personal path to enlightenment. A one hour consultation in person, by phone, or SKYPE.


NEW CLIENTS – Natal/Predictive

The name of the game is to (1) get to grips with how and why you got to this point, (2) gain understanding as to the dynamics currently in play, and (3) then make sense what it means for you going forward. Traditional one hour astrology consultation in person, by phone, or SKYPE.