Do you:

  • recognise your blind spots?IMG_0578
  • realise how your emotions distort your thinking?
  • know what you do and don’t know?
  • have  a grasp on your personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • know what you value most?
  • accurately assess how you impact others and vice versa?
  • know where you’re going and how to get there?

Coaching provides a safe space to explore such questions as well as to devise realistic strategies to make positive and sustainable change.

Unlike counselling or therapy, the emphasis with coaching is on the future rather than rummaging around in the past.

Whilst all coaches have fantastic tools in their toolkit to help you to achieve your goals, with astrology I can offer you that little bit more.

STARTING in SEPTEMBER 2018 –  a pre-set series of coaching sessions providing thought-provoking dialogue to help you gain key insights into yourself and your situation with emphasis on what you need to do right now  to get moving on your chosen path again.

Traditional astrological tools will be used but this most certainly will give you much more than any traditional astrology reading.








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