Astrology Readings

At the moment, I am looking for delivery on new orders around 1 September 2017 – if you have time sensitive issues, please contact me in advance of ordering to ensure I can meet your needs/requirements.

Short – £60

Written report only
  • Solar Return – provides a snapshot of your next 12 months. It’s completely individualised using only the tightest, time-sensitive aspects.


  • Thumbnail Natal – short focus on three basic natal points in your chart, imparting invaluable information on (1) who you are (Sun), (2) what you need (Moon), and (3) how you relate to yourself and your environment (Ascendant and Chart ruler).

Long – £ 100

Written report only

Fleshes out the Thumbnail Natal into a wider consideration of all your planetary placements plus a combination of three or more of the following (most appropriate to your specific concerns):

  • Directing by Triplicity – three-part thumbnail sketch of your entire life. Not all parts are created equal.
  • Firdaria – like the Dasha periods in Hindu astrology, the Firdaria assigns periods of your lives to various different planets in keeping with the Chaldean order of the planets.
  • Transits – not surprisingly the planets keep moving after your birth to make strategic, time-sensitive impact on your natal chart.
  • Progressions – by ‘progressing’ your natal chart (one day equals one year), we map the the arc of your entire life ‘experience’.
  • Tarot Symbolism –  fleshes out predictive techniques with visual imagery.
  • Gateways to the Soul – while there are seven seals or chakras to attain most of us remain stuck in either Saturn, Jupiter, or Mars.
  • Fixed stars – Star lore infuses your chart with ancient mythical meaning.
  • Parts and/or Almutens – classical astrological techniques using various house cusps, planets, and/or Arabic parts in carefully constructed formulae that ‘weigh in’ on the particular question/concern at hand.
  • Lunar Nodes – oft associated with karma and reincarnation, the nodal axis  is also used to identify specific strengths and weaknesses, focusing on those you’d most like to avoid.
  • Horary – involves a chart drawn for the moment that a question is asked.  The answer is found by examining the position of, and the interaction between, the seven visible planets against the backdrop of a circle divided into the usual twelve parts or ‘houses’.
  • Relationships (composite and/or synastry) – the composite chart is created by taking the midpoint between pairs of each of two person’s natal planets (in this case Venus and Uranus) and using them to create a third, new chart representing the relationship as a whole. Synastry, compares and examines how one person impacts another.

Add 50 minutes of (Skype) consultation to either long or short report – £ 70

Please send the following:

  • a short summary of your current situation and concerns (a couple of sentences will do),
  • birth date,
  • birth time,
  • place of birth,
  • any other questions.


You may wish to consider joining with me in a longer-term coaching relationship utilising astrological techniques to help you achieve your fondest goals. Watch this space as this option will be available soon.