According to Shakespeare, the world is a stage and all the men and women, merely players, with their own exits and entrances during the story.

Your natal chart is a metaphor for your story – complete with stage set, cast of characters, plot and theme.

Surely it is not a leap of faith to suggest that those who have a firmer grasp on who they are what they want will enjoy more control over their story than those who haven’t?


A written consideration (approx. 1,500 words) of key natal placements related to your current concern using a BESPOKE combination of techniques. The name of the game is to (1) get to grips with how and why you got to this point, (2) gain understanding as to the dynamics in play, and (3) then make sense what it means for you going forward.


Update for Existing Clients

A top-up for current clients as to how things from the last consultation have progressed. 50 minute SKYPE session or written update.



A BESPOKE written consideration (approx. 2,000 words)of your relationship issue – be it with your spouse, a parent, your boss, or best friend. The composite chart puts two natal charts together to create a third new chart representing your relationship as a whole. Transits to this new chart can be tracked and monitored giving you maximum control. Synastry examines how one person impacts another. Does he/she know exactly which of your buttons to push? With synastry, you’ll not only understand why but how best to respond. You will need birth details for the other person, however, so please ensure you can get them before you order.



A bespoke written analysis (approximately 1,000 words) of your personal year ahead – birthday to birthday.


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