Client Stories

I Need a New Life

Ms C was facing some huge changes not just in her marriage, but also in her career.  There was even the possibility of moving house and she wasn’t certain what that might really mean. Back in 2015, transiting Uranus went over her 7th house cusp and entered into her house of partnership and marriage. No… Read more “I Need a New Life”

Washington, DC

My Mother Needs Help

Ms R was facing some difficult family issues involving her sister and their elderly mother. It wasn’t so much that her sister was being difficult but that she wasn’t doing anything at all and that left the responsibilities of dealing with an ageing parent solely on Ms R’s shoulders. Although Ms R felt blessed that… Read more “My Mother Needs Help”

San Diego, CA

The Perils of Pisces

Ms Q was concerned about her generalised lack of enthusiasm toward life and the toll that was taking on her health. She had a significant amount of Pisces/Neptune energy in her chart both natally and by current transit and progression. This necessarily feels like getting lost in the fog but it was a necessary experience… Read more “The Perils of Pisces”

South Australia

Out of Hope & Money

For the past few years, Mr G had been experiencing a series of challenging Saturn transits. One by one, the ‘Old Devil’ (as Saturn is often called), has been picking of a series of his personal planets. Even the most hearty of us would have felt as if we were under a cracking weight that… Read more “Out of Hope & Money”

Los Angeles, CA

YIKES – The Eclipse is Headed My Way

Ms W was worried. She’d heard that the upcoming eclipse (28 Leo 52) in August 2017 was coming her way and would potentially have a disastrous effect on her and her family. But the reality was that the lunar eclipse in February 2017 (22 Leo 28) would have had a more substantial impact on her… Read more “YIKES – The Eclipse is Headed My Way”

Hammersmith, UK

Potent Personal Power

Although her life was relatively comfortable and stable,  Ms C felt that she needed ‘more’, at least in the sense that she should be taking a new direction. But whether that would impact her health, career, and/or relationships, she didn’t know. Already,  at some level, she sensed that significant change was in her cards but… Read more “Potent Personal Power”

Miami, FL

Complete Make-over

Ms B wasn’t happy and she didn’t know why. Everything seemed up in the air all at once: health, marriage, and career (in that order). For the last few months, she’s has had Pluto (the astrological bully of the block) crossing and crisscrossing her astrological Mid-Heaven (MC). With such a heavy hitter planet as Pluto… Read more “Complete Make-over”

Taunton, MA

Gloom and Doom

Not long ago, Ms T started a business that as yet, had not paid off. Should she cut her losses and start something new or perhaps take a different approach? The imagery and the symbolism of the tarot card, the Eight of Coins, sums up her challenge; her Saturn is caught up in a difficult… Read more “Gloom and Doom”

Houston, TX

Brimming with plans

Ms K was interested in learning about everything about her life path – i.e. finances, spirituality, and relationships. Her goal was to take as much control over her trajectory as possible. She was brimming with plans. Given that she was just about to experience her first Saturn return (aged 28-29 years) this was definitely understandable.… Read more “Brimming with plans”

Melbourne, AU