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Prague Clock (Orloj) - watercolor art

I’m excited to announce I’m now offering astrological coaching services.

My unique brand of coaching blends astrology with the Narrative Coaching Model, which itself is a clever mix of existentialist and Gestalt coaching philosophies, the key principle of which is that life is what you make of it. It ought not to come as a surprise that we do this in accordance with our psychological profiles, so aptly represented through the vibrancy of astrological symbolism.

Astrological coaching is much more interactive than a traditional astrology reading and as the result, you can look forward to achieving more positive, sustainable change. Traditional readings provide you with lots of information which you’re free to digest at your own pace, but coaching provides you do that along with a supportive, helping hand.

If, however, a traditional reading is more to your taste, then please give me a shout. I mix modern psychological astrology with more traditional prediction techniques. There’s also room for some classical astrology.

90 minute SKYPE (or in person) session -£ 150.