The Perils of Pisces

Ms Q was concerned about her generalised lack of enthusiasm toward life and the toll that was taking on her health. She had a significant amount of Pisces/Neptune energy in her chart both natally and by current transit and progression.

This necessarily feels like getting lost in the fog but it was a necessary experience for Ms E to prepare for her future. The key to getting through this difficult period until  (when her progressed Moon would move from Pisces to Aries and she’d have more energy) was to to  practice a rigid health regime (her Jupiter in Virgo is in her 6th house for good reason).

Even better, Ms Q learned that if managed properly, Pisces/Neptune could be fun. Unlike many of us, she could literally ‘dream herself’ into her future and that is a highly  creative way to engage with the cosmos.

No matter where you are in life, it pays to have a heads-up as to  what’s coming up next.

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