Potent Personal Power

Although her life was relatively comfortable and stable,  Ms C felt that she needed ‘more’, at least in the sense that she should be taking a new direction. But whether that would impact her health, career, and/or relationships, she didn’t know.

Already,  at some level, she sensed that significant change was in her cards but how and when?  She was relieved to learn that this change wasn’t as likely to come as the result of outside events (i.e. transits) as it would from events that she could create – and control – herself.

Ms C had always sense that she possessed more personal power than the average person and was excited, if not a bit nervous, to discover this was because she had a tight Pluto (raw power)/Mars (personal will) aspect in her natal chart. Imagine – she’s in the same league as many powerful occultists.

Keen to learn how to harness this power to achieve her highest and best intentions, Ms C started out on a personal path of what she described as ‘spiritual enlightenment’ and – amazingly – that path would prove as eclectic and powerful as was she.


No matter where you are in life, it pays to have a heads-up as to  what’s coming up next.

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