Complete Make-over

Ms B wasn’t happy and she didn’t know why. Everything seemed up in the air all at once: health, marriage, and career (in that order).

For the last few months, she’s has had Pluto (the astrological bully of the block) crossing and crisscrossing her astrological Mid-Heaven (MC).

With such a heavy hitter planet as Pluto playing centre stage, it’s little wonder she felt as she did. When Pluto comes calling, it’s time for a big change. Everything that it touches that is past its metaphorical ‘sell-by- date must go and if Ms B (or anyone else with a Pluto transit) refuses to let go gracefully, it will be swept away usually in a most unpleasant way.

Although Ms B didn’t relish change, she was no longer in the position to take ‘business as usual’ – hence her health issues.

With the new year, Pluto would be finally finished with her MC and transiting Uranus would cross her Ascendant and into her 1st house (a once-in-a- life-time transit), Ms B would be in a position to initiate those changes and more – and the result would be startlingly exciting – a complete personal make-over.


No matter where you are in life, it pays to have a heads-up as to  what’s coming up next.

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