Gloom and Doom

Not long ago, Ms T started a business that as yet, had not paid off. Should she cut her losses and start something new or perhaps take a different approach?

The imagery and the symbolism of the tarot card, the Eight of Coins, sums up her challenge; her Saturn is caught up in a difficult T-Square along with Neptune. Typically, the Eight of Coins depicts a man working hard at perfecting his skills. He’s clearly dedicated to his task and takes great pride in his results. Indeed, the results from his efforts are almost guaranteed – yet the key word here is almost.

This is because in number lore, the number ‘eight’ suggests the hand of ‘fate’ – i.e. the sword of Damocles dangling overhead  – i.e. the sense that hidden dangers must be lurking even when on the surface, everything seems to be going well.

As it turns out, when she first set up her business,  it was the perfect time and there is no reason (now or then) for it not to be successful. What seems to have happened is that when the going got rough, Ms T slipped into that Damocles ‘gloom and doom’, something that she admits has often plagued her.

The good news is that in not too distant future,  Ms T will likely see her efforts pay off – perhaps in a very big (material) way. In the meantime, she  has decided not to throw in the towel but to use the time to review and revise her plans. Practice makes perfect, or at least that’s what the Eight of Coins seems to suggest, just as long  as one keeps a positive attitude.



No matter where you are in life, it pays to have a heads-up as to  what’s coming up next.

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