My Mother Needs Help

Ms R was facing some difficult family issues involving her sister and their elderly mother. It wasn’t so much that her sister was being difficult but that she wasn’t doing anything at all and that left the responsibilities of dealing with an ageing parent solely on Ms R’s shoulders.

Although Ms R felt blessed that she was in the position to help her mother, she was also highly resentful of her sister’s attitude. As her resentment grew, the family dynamic disintegrated and even her mother was feeling the heat.

Ms R has Scorpio rising, which makes Mars (in classical terms) her chart ruler and so his placement is key to understanding her chart as a whole.  Key words for Mars include assertion, challenge, competition, anger, and aggression. After all, he was the Roman god of war and it is from this mythology that he gains his astrological symbolism as a warrior.

Ms R’s Mars is in Cancer, where he doesn’t do the traditional job of Mars very well, at least not in the sense of marking out and protecting borders. Key words for Cancer include belonging, acceptance, shy and withdrawn. It’s easy enough to see why typical Cancerian traits don’t fit well with what’s required to be the action-oriented warrior who could confront the sister regarding her poor behaviour.

If that weren’t enough, her natal Mars was caught up in a difficult T-Square along with her Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune. The long and the short of this is that her Mars finds itself in a constant state of stress and frustration.

Then, in September 2017, comes a transit from Pluto that provides the opportunity for Ms R to transform from a passive-aggressive woman who lets her sister get away with anything to a who who is impulsive, daring, resolute and determined. Within a relatively short period of time, spurred on with her Pluto transit to become a champion (Mars loves to champion) for her mother. She confronted her sister, said the things that had been festering for ages.

Looking back on it now, Ms R understands that the difficulties she’d faced with her mother and sister was in the cards and that it had much more to do with her than them. Although she’s still adjusting to her ‘new’ way of handling things, overall she’s very happy with the result as is her mother.

No matter where you are in life, it pays to have a heads-up as to  what’s coming up next.

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