Out of Hope & Money

For the past few years, Mr G had been experiencing a series of challenging Saturn transits. One by one, the ‘Old Devil’ (as Saturn is often called), has been picking of a series of his personal planets. Even the most hearty of us would have felt as if we were under a cracking weight that grows heavier by the moment. But Mr G felt it worse than most because his natal chart wasn’t filled with earth but with fire and water.

When planets in fire signs go to work, they tend do so relying on inspiration rather than perspiration and we all know what happens when fire mixes with water.

The good news for Mr G was that his Saturn was strong in Aquarius, a sign that it co-rules with Uranus. Not only did Mr G fundamentally have what it would take to get through this challenging time, but with personal planets in the earth houses (as opposed to earth signs), he had many innate talents that would help him.

When, in a few years, Mr G will experience his second Saturn return (the first occurs when we’re about 29-30 years old), he’ll surely find himself in a more secure place financially. Saturn returns are about consolidation. In the meantime, Mr G needed to focus on ‘playing’ his cards right because during the intervening period, he would enjoy a heavy dose of ‘good luck’ (Uranus and Jupiter) transits.

No matter where you are in life, it pays to have a heads-up as to  what’s coming up next.

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