Saturn/ A Myth for Capricorns

Like the author and lecturer Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myths), I’m a firm proponent that myths express archetypal motifs that play a huge role in human experience.

Further, because I believe that we are in large part unconscious of the power myths exert in our lives, I advocate making a special effort to understand those myths most personal to each of us.

An easy way to do this is to examine the myths closely related with our astrological sun sign.

If, as psychological astrologers believe, our natal chart reflects the whole of our ‘life journey’, then our astrological sun is the beacon that keeps us on the right path.  Our astrological sun is a source of great vitality (perhaps even spiritual in nature) into which we can plug as needed.   We have a sense of ‘Self’ when we are ‘doing’ our Sun.  When we are ‘doing’ our Sun, we feel good about ourselves and our world.

For those of you with the sun sign in Capricorn, know that the steely god Saturn (or Chronos) is your astrological ruler.  Here’s a myth of Greek origin about Saturn just for you.

Uranus, the King of the Gods, swallows his children at birth to ensure he is not overthrown by them (as prophesised).   Understandably, Uranus’ wife Gaia is not pleased with his behaviour, so she helps their son Chronos (Saturn) castrate Uranus and usurp his throne.

Chronos, like his father, swallows his own children and is eventually overthrown by his son Zeus (Jupiter).

The old king must die so the new king can be born.

Capricorn’s job is to buck the ‘system’ in order to earn a place of respect for himself in the new order.  Capricorns’ lot is one of fear, frustration, and mastery.  Indeed it is by pushing against obstacles, that Capricorn builds the endurance and discipline to succeed.  Reward comes from hard work and it is only with effort the Capricorn takes his position as the new king.

Capricorn is asked to make the right of passage from the son to the father.

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  1. Uranus didn’t swallow his childres, he sent them back in Gaias womd, in Tartarus!!

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