I’m passionate about living life to the fullest.Debra high-res photos 040

Aren’t you?

But to be honest, this is more complex than we might think. To this end, my blog explores a wide range of subjects including myth, magic, divination, psychology, philosophy, and literature – and last, but not least, my greatest love, ASTROLOGY!

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A BESPOKE written consideration of your relationship issue – be it with your spouse, a parent, your boss, or best friend. The composite chart puts two natal charts together to create a third new chart representing your relationship as a whole. Transits to this new chart can be tracked and monitored giving you maximum control. Synastry examines how one person impacts another. Does he/she know exactly which of your buttons to push? With synastry, you’ll not only understand why but how best to respond. You will need birth details for the other person, however, so please ensure you can get them before you order.


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