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  • Shakespeare 108

    Shakespeare 108

    Also with this, Shakespeare reminds us that is not fate, but we ourselves, who create both our troubles and our happiness.

  • Shakespeare 107

    Shakespeare 107

    Sometimes just identifying what it is that is really bothering you may be all that’s necessary to open your eyes to a viable way of escape. 

  • Shakespeare 106

    Shakespeare 106

    And so it is through the same contrivance used in Measure for Measure, that it’s Helena, Bertram’s lawful wife, who shares his bed and obtains his ring.

  • Shakespeare 104

    Shakespeare 104

    In the ensuing happy scene, past wrongs are forgiven and peace and hope reign for the future.

  • Shakespeare 103

    Shakespeare 103

    But remember, this play is considered a tragedy for good reason.

  • Shakespeare 102

    Shakespeare 102

    It takes extraordinary courage to let go of pain suffered as the result of (perceived) past injustices.

  • Shakespeare 101

    Shakespeare 101

    The awful truth is that the two daughters who had once easily flattered him, have now viciously turned against him and unable to bear this reality, Lear slowly goes mad. 

  • The Art of Effective Authentic Communication for the 21st Century

    The Art of Effective Authentic Communication for the 21st Century

    So to get on with your career, must you choose between being a fake or a failure? Professor Ibarra says absolutely not!

  • Beliefs and Propositions

    Beliefs and Propositions

    To make matters worse, a ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ can change often over time. For example, when my mother went to high school in the 1930’s, it was a ‘fact’ or ‘truth’ that the atom could not be split, end point.

  • Have some fun…

    A more productive approach might be to take ourselves less seriously. This could be achieved through the more positive aspects of irresponsibility – i.e. having some old-fashioned, light-hearted fun.