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Will my novel, Curve of Capricorn, be published if I do JB’s Bestseller Fiction Masterclass?

  Overall – this is looking very positive – with some problems to be overcome (to be expected) but a favourable final outcome. I would expect a publisher to come after my novel in about 9 months and that makes sense given that JB’s course finishes end in May 2018. Interestingly, if it is true that publication is usually about 12 months after signing a … Read More Will my novel, Curve of Capricorn, be published if I do JB’s Bestseller Fiction Masterclass?

The Concept of Canon & The Secret Book of John

If we accept that (1) the concept of canon has existed for at least two thousand years and likely to exist for a few more and (2) in our increasingly globally mobile society, canon formation will not become easier then we need to look for a new solution and I propose that to be a radical change in our point of view.

Love’s Alchemy & the Alchemical Marriage

Enter Mercury to facilitate the active dialogue and transference which is at the base of all therapeutic work.

Love’s Alchemy & the Golden Age of Saturn

Because Saturn marks the boundary between personal and transpersonal (cosmic) powers, it is the alchemists most important planet being equated with both the beginning and end of the Great Work.

Love’s Alchemy – Stage I – The Purification process or Calcinatio

Calcinatio is a fiery, burning process governed by Aries/Mars during which the dross is burned off to purify rather like the process during which diamonds are formed.

Love’s Alchemy – Astrological Character Analysis – Heroine – Judith Shakespeare

Despite all that Scorpio, I do try to be honest and sincere and one of my greatest achievements is that because of this, I’m often put in positions of great trust.

Hens & Chicks

If Ms. Green-Peas, a belly dancer from New Hampshire, could capture the heart of the nation, then there was no reason her chick might not do the same.

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