Shakespeare 107

After the death of Anthony, Caesar tells Shakespeare’s Cleopatra (Anthony and Cleopatra) he will treat her fairly but immediately, she sees through his deceit;

He words me, girls, he words me. 


Yet what is a girl to do in the face of such treachery?

The only thing that she can do. 

Go into self-imposed exile to seek advice from her inner wisdom, make sense of her own thoughts, dreams, and beliefs. 

Now is the perfect time for similar self-observation and self-reflection. Chances are that with all that’s going on in the world now, you could use a moment of respite and calm. Although you may tempted to press ahead, you know that stress like that which you might be now suffering can lead to health problems. Likewise, you know that making key decisions without due and proper consideration is never a good idea.

Whatever you decide, everyday life will go on around you just as it did after Cleopatra made her own decision. Yet just because Shakespeare’s story, Anthony and Cleopatra, is a tragedy, does not mean that your story also has to be. Remember that hidden in the depths of darkness, the personal demons that hound you seem much larger than they are in the cold, hard light of day. Nonetheless, such monsters must be met and fought on their own ground and so it is necessary to take time out from your busy schedule to accomplish this.

Sometimes just identifying what it is that is really bothering you may be all that’s necessary to open your eyes to a viable way of escape. 

Make not your thoughts your prisons.


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