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Hidden Dangers of The Hero’s (mythological) Journey

This weekend, I was privileged to participate in an academic conference, The Talking Sky, hosted by the University of Wales and The Sophia Centre. The purpose of the conference was to explore the cultural aspects of diverse myths inspired by the heavens. Whilst many important points were made, one surfaced time and time again – i.e. although we are fascinated with the sun (ever-popular … Read More Hidden Dangers of The Hero’s (mythological) Journey

Will his Russian Intrigue bring Trump Down?

Will the current ‘intrigue’ regarding Trump and Russia ‘bring him down’? _____________________ SUMMARY YES & NO – although clearly Mr Trump has ‘enemies’ (secret or otherwise) in regards to this ‘intrigue’ –  enemies who are far stronger than is he – it remains unclear whether they will (or even whether they will try to) damage his reputation enough to ‘bring him down’. Having said … Read More Will his Russian Intrigue bring Trump Down?

Power and Promise – Utopian Propaganda & Orwell’s Animal Farm

In the preface to his Ukrainian Edition of Animal Farm, George Orwell says that his reason for writing the novel was to reveal what he believed to be the Soviet myth underlying Socialism – the political and economic model that he wholeheartedly embraced. According to Orwell, nothing had caused greater harm to the Socialist movement in England than that the majority of English people … Read More Power and Promise – Utopian Propaganda & Orwell’s Animal Farm

21st Century Slavery – Now you see it – Now you don’t

What constitutes morality isn’t easy to define much less pin down.

But what constitutes slavery most certainly is… right?

Free will.

Who’s got yours?

Feminism and Jane Austen

However if we look to the basic premise underlying Enlightenment feminism – that women, not having been denied powers of reason, must have the moral status appropriate to ‘rational beings’, formed in the image of a rational God – we must reach a different conclusion. At least two of the three of Austen’s heroines examined were apparently presumed by the men in their lives as capable not of forging their own moral code, but only of regurgitating that of their lovers.

The Moral Maze of Self Interest

For although‘morality’ has meant many different things to many different people – the bottom line has always been – ouch – morality = self-interest.

Political Posturing or Master-Slave Morality – in the ‘Free World’

I suggest that those who so easily invoke ‘morality’ on their side, have given little serious thought as to what it might mean or perhaps more interesting – from whence the concept might come.

The Unexpected Benefits of Shame

In this context, shame is not a painful conclusion as it often assumed to be the case, but an joyous opportunity.

1933 and FDR’s great ‘the money lenders’ speech – history repeats – what will we do this time?

“Faced by the failure of credit they proposed only the lending of more money.” FDR/ 1933 inaugural speech

TRUST me – I’m an astrologer

Ethics provide an easy way to shift both responsibility and blame.

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