Today & Tomorrow are Two of Wands Day/ if you want your reward take action now

With the sun in Gemini (ideas) and the moon in Aries (courage & action), today and tomorrow are Two of Wands Days.

The Two of Wands carries with it a sense of impatience and urgency.  This card is often referred to as The Lord of Balance.  But the balance today is anything but comfortable.  Today’s energy suggests you believe you’ve done your spadework and are now waiting for your reward.

So why hasn’t it arrived?

Because you don’t trust your intuition as much as you think.  Hence you wait instead of taking action.

Like all other Two’s of the Minor Arcana, the Two of Wands polarises the raw energy of the Ace, which has already coalesced into something new (be it an aim, an idea, a goal, or a creative project) into action.    But recall, the energy of Two of Wands is one of  balance.  Nothing will move forward until you tip that balance.

On a Two of Wands day it’s imperative you seize the bull by the horns and progress that something to the next stage.

If you fail to take action now, your reward may never come.


Note that with Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in Taurus – fixed earth – it’s much harder to take that action then at other times when Aries and Gemini combine.  Aries is fire, Gemini is air – when hot air combines with earth you end up with scorched (not fertile) soil.

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