Today and Tomorrow are Nine of Swords Days

With the Sun in Virgo (worry-wart) and the Moon in Taurus (fixed, stiff, rigid), today and tomorrow are Nine of Swords days.

In the Joie de Vivre tarot deck, we find Woe, sitting in a tree, frozen by fear. If only he would look up and see the bright flowers on the branches above him, he might feel better. But it would seem that he chooses instead to keep his eyes  firmly fixed on the harpies surrounding him.

th-1.jpegA change in his perspective would make all the difference. But Woe hasn’t yet learned the wisdom offered by the tarot suit of swords – a troubled mind will bring nothing but troubles. Truly, you’re a prisoner of your thoughts.

The Nine of Swords is the most difficult of the deck. It’s reputation as one of ill-omen is well-earned. It is with this card that we plunge in the depths of unconscious conflicts, hidden complexes, and deep-seated neuroses. If you’re not careful with this energy you might even manage to drive yourself mad!

Now, if Woe were a friend of yours, what advice might you give to him?

Buck up? It can’t be that bad? There’s always a solution?







2 responses to “Today and Tomorrow are Nine of Swords Days”

  1. niamhor Avatar

    If you’re in a Flood Zone A area in Fl right now, and you haven’t gotten out of there, your fears may be reality based. Even if you are out, you may be wondering what’s happening to your home. May all sentient beings be free from fear and pain. May all sentient beings know love and peace. And may human beings think about benefiting one another.

    1. debramoolenaar Avatar

      Sadly you’re right – I can remember being caught in a hurricane when I lived in Rhode Island- it was a very scary experience and whilst my house was above the flood line, those on the other side of the street weren’t – we were lucky that we lost roof tiles, a tree , and has to replace a few windows – and then there was no electricity for a week -😳- thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

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