The ME generation

Yesterday, I met a young lady who had never heard of the ‘baby boomer’ generation!

My Pluto in Leo pride was damaged, possibly beyond repair. 

We are the post-war group born roughly between 1946-1960. We caused no end of trouble whilst growing up; new schools and universities had to be built to accommodate us and luckily the economy was booming along with the birth rates. We continue to be trouble as we age, bringing economic chaos in our wake with chunky claims upon ‘social security’ and ‘old age pensioner’ benefits and, of course, the requirement of expensive health care.

During the period most of us were born, Pluto was in Leo.

Astrologically, Pluto describes the ‘evolutionary task’ of a generation and the task of Pluto in Leo is to reform our sense of personal identity. Even if our parents were willing to conform to cultural norms of individuality, we could not. The name of our game was creative self-expression, personal power, and puffed up pride mixed with complete and utter self-confidence.

The ‘Me’ generation – Pluto in Leo
Most baby boomers also have Uranus in Cancer.

Astrologically, Uranus speaks to one’s ideologies especially in regards to where he or she must break free of tradition and forge a new way forward. Cancer is about home and family as well as motherhood. It should not be surprising, then, that so many of women of my generation did not have children in favour of pursuing a professional career.

Finally, many baby boomers also have Neptune in Libra.

Astrologically Neptune represents trends in fashion; the clothing, hairstyles, music, food, or films which (for no apparent reason) is ‘all the rage’, that without which we simply cannot live.

Neptune is tricky because it’s not so much an ideology (that’s Uranus) as it is emotional surge and one that spreads like wildfire straight across the board. It’s also about illusions of perfection. Given that Libra is about relationship and marriage, it’s no surprise that along with many little girls my age, I found my perfection in paper dolls cut from Bride’s Magazine.

Later in life, many of my generation suffered severe disillusionment (i.e. illusion unfufilled) in their real-life marriages. There are probably many reasons why the divorce rate among baby-boomer is statistically higher than with with other generations, but certainly the generational signature card of Neptune in Libra is an important one. 

According to one article, the surge in divorce rates among those in my generation also has to do with us seeing our personal ‘self-actualisation’ as the most important goal in our lives and if marriage gets in the way of that then… ah, yes, back to Pluto in Leo again. 

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  1. I’m a fellow baby-boomer. Do you see anything positive about us? Quite a few of us also have Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra. The Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation Movements are seen by many as positive things many boomers were involved in. Likewise, depending on your opinion of the Vietnam War, many believe the Peace Movement was important and constructive also. I feel it’s a question of balance in how we look back on those times, as well as how we judge ourselves and others. Certainly boomers are imperfect human beings like everyone else. But we’re not all selfish or evil. Many of us are idealistic and caring people. Thank you.

  2. debramoolenaar Avatar

    Thanks for visiting my site and reading my post – yes, I do see many positive things about us baby boomers – not the least achieving opportunity for many generations of young women to come – our mothers (for the most part) did not have professional opportunities (outside teaching and nursing) and even then they were not taken seriously by their male colleagues. If that is what you mean by the Women’s Liberation Movements – we are spot on in agreement – also harassment of women in the workplace is now unacceptable (although it still does happen) when even in the 1980’s it was still blatant and rife. RE: the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra – I have it along with my Mercury – and Liz Greene once told me that meant I must make manifest my spirituality – which I am doing with my astrology. I’ve been blogging (Mercury) about astrology for years now – but having just retired from 35 years practicing law, I’m now starting out a personal coaching business using astrology. How are you using your Neptune/Saturn?

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