Happy Birthday Ms H

The Solar Return (SR) chart gives a brief snapshot of the 12-month period (birthday to birthday). Predictive techniques like this are necessarily short and sweet giving ample opportunity for the individual to fill in the details herself.

New home?

Summary – Solar Return – Ms H / 2019/2020

The year ahead will probably see some significant domestic changes – possibly you will move to a beautiful new home in a completely area of the country.  Possibly, such move is also tied up with a change on the romantic side of your life – expect the unexpected – and whatever happens, give it plenty of freedom.

Ms H Solar Return 2019/20
  • Your SR Moon (located in your SR 3rd house) is making a nice, easy aspect to your 1st and 7th house cusps. This suggests that you’ll be making an emotional investment in consciously bringing your personal surroundings in line with your outlook on life.
  • Because your SR Sun and Mercury are in the SR 8th house, such changes could well result in a complete life-style change. Common with placement is, for example, a move from the city to a rural community or vice versa. It’s also worth considering therapy of some sort to understand why, at this particular moment, such changes are necessary. 
  • Interestingly, these changes more likely than not have been long overdue. This is shown by SR Saturn (reality principle) and SR Pluto (evolution) forming a tight (and heavily weighted) group in your SR 4th house. Major themes involving  the SR 4th house include moving/renovating/repairing your home or office. 
  • SR Return Saturn is especially powerful in this chart because it is the exact degree of the SR nodal axis, which adds a fated quality to the mix. What will be, will be; reality is making itself manifest and pretty much the only thing left now, is adjusting your attitude to it. 
  • Because you also have SR Venus in very close aspect to SR Uranus, these domestic changes might be the result of a surprising change in your romantic relationships – perhaps a stable partner suddenly leaves or someone who was once just a good friend, becomes your lover. If the later were to be the case, then ensure you give the relationship plenty of room to evolve on its own – with this kind of aspect, the relationship will not respond well to be ‘pushed’ along.
  • Whatever might happen on the romance front will also impact your personal finances and more than likely, for the better. Who knows but that this might well tie (favourably) back into those domestic changes?

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