Moving on up (and out) / Solar Return for Ms BK

The Solar Return (SR) chart gives a brief snapshot of the 12-month period (birthday-to-birthday). Such predictive techniques are necessarily short and sweet, giving ample opportunity for the individual concerned to fill in the details.

Opportunities abound, seize them and make them work for you


The operative planets in your Solar Return (SR) chart for 2019/20 are Jupiter, Mars, and your Sun; all of them are in position to manifest results. This suggests brilliant new opportunities for advancement in both in your career and social position.  Hard work is indicated as you’d expect and money issues will probably come to the forefront too. But all should be well as long as you’re realistic about your financial needs and resources. Who knows but that you might just pick up and move to a completely different part of the country.

It’s time to take control of your life and stop letting others manipulate you by pushing your emotional ‘buttons’ and one of those buttons may well be money.


  • Solar Return (SR) Jupiter is very close to the SR Midheaven (10th house cusp). This is excellent because anything to manifest during the year, the angles of the chart must be involved. 
  • SR Jupiter is very strong in Sagittarius suggesting more than a ‘bit of luck’ especially in regards to career and social position and status. Naturally, it’s not all down to luck and it’s incumbent upon you to seize opportunities and make the best of them with good old-fashioned hard work. This placement suggests opportunities are indeed coming your way, opportunities that can result not only in advancement in your current career but also in completely new areas of interest. Jupiter tends to open up the ‘playing field’ as it were, so choose those opportunities that you will pursue with care as you won’t have time and energy for all of them.
  • SR Mars is making a lovely sextile to both that Jupiter and your 10th house cusp. Again, the chart angles are favourably involved. Fortunate decisions and successful creative energy not to mention ambition and the power to concentrate on a chosen aim or objective.
  • With SR Pluto involved in this mix, you can expect more than enough energy to tackle whatever it is that you choose and the chances are the outcome will be extraordinarily successful. 
  • The SR Sun, showing where you will be putting most of your energy during the year, is also forming a pleasant trine to your Ascendant, or 1st house cusp. Again, with the chart angles involved, you can expect expended energy to pay off with actual movement.
  • The SR Sun is in the SR 8th house, suggesting that this may be a year of tremendous personal change. It is not unusual for people with this placement to pick up and move to a completely different place. The idea is that you need to seize power over yourself and your life and so longer can you allow others to continue pushing your emotional buttons (often jealously and guilt). The first step is to recognise how others gain control over you and how they influence your behaviour. Obviously, therapy can help if you’re so inclined. The next step is to put some distance between you and manipulative other and if that distance is must be physical in nature, then, so be it. 
  • Beware, however, that any such actions taken could result in money issues. Because your SR Moon is making a (gentle) aspect to your Ascendant  (1st house cusp/ again the angles are involved), there’s every suggestion that this will happen. But as long as you are realistic and honest in assessing your materials needs and the resources available, you should be OK.
  • Indeed, transit-wise, during this year there’s every suggestion that you will become very serious about money and to your benefit. In your natal chart, both your Jupiter and your Saturn are in your 2nd house (finances) and during calendar 2019, you will experience both Jupiter (luck/expansion) and Saturn (reality-principle) returns, thus commencing entirely new cycle of 12-years and 28-years respectively. 

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