Ms S gets a new friend!

Ms S has a new friend, Mr T, and she’s keen to understand how their relationship might pan out.

First, let’s take a closer look at Mr T:

  1. With Virgo rising, this fellow is practical to a fault – the devil is in the detail although with Mercury, the chart ruler, in Pisces this particular ‘devil’ may become a masterful piece of art.
  2. With Mercury in Pisces, we might expect Mr T to be perceptive, emotional, and contradictory. He could well have problems with boundaries as well as a tendency toward secrecy. Scattered thinking is a distinct possibility and so warning to Ms S – what you hear from him is not necessarily what you’ll get.
  3. Having said that, Mr T is both creative and intuitive if not downright telepathic. He craves emotional closeness and knows just when, where, and how to get it.
  4. This Mercury has the added ‘advantage’ of being closely square with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces and so we have a double dose of Pisces but not always in the easiest way to handle it. Stretching the truth, whether done consciously or unconsciously, is often the order of the day with this placement as well as being vague and succumbing to numerous digressions that likely lead nowhere.
  5. Put this together with a natal Sun (Aquarius) in close proximity to Jupiter and we find an individual with full faith that all will turn out right in the end (in his favor) but little ability and/or will-power to make it happen.
  6. Key words for Aquarius include dispassionate, impersonal, nonconformist, observant, and idealistic. Aquarius is not usually too concerned with the view others hold of him and in the case of Mr T, this could prove a god-send.
  7. Saturn, the ruler of his Aquarian Sun, is in Gemini. As is always the case with Saturn, we must remember he’s both a friend and a foe. With one hand, Saturn gives the structure and strength necessary to succeed in life but with the other, Saturn makes one feel like a foolish failure. With Saturn in Gemini, we might expect Mr T to be a workaholic, possibly a generalized overcompensation for feeling less than clever and articulate. This placement suggests difficulties with sharing and learning, whether real or perceived.
  8. Finally, his Venus (in Capricorn, also Saturn ruled) is closely square to Uranus. When it comes to love, this man gets easily restless and so conventional long-term relationships are probably not his cup of tea. Things will improve significantly, however, with plenty ‘time off’ and ‘space’ for personal freedom – with Mr T, ‘absence probably does make the heart grow fonder.

More tomorrow we will continue our analysis with synastry analysis and composite chart!

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