The Astrology of November 2021

A stunning month of surprises & breakthroughs – hold on to your hat!

  • 1-2 November – Mercury comes back in its square to Pluto – look back to last month – what issues presented themselves both to you individually and to the collective at large – especially regarding hidden/secretive material and/or intense/in-depth conversations – ethical dilemmas. How have you gone about resolving them and what have you learned?
  • 4 November – New Moon in Scorpio (along with Mars in Scorpio) in exact opposition to Uranus. This is a bang-on introduction to the quality of next lunar cycle which takes us into December, which itself will be an action-packed month. This next lunar cycle will decidedly be Uranian in flavour. Norms and conventions will be broken as well as surprisingly erratic events will be on the horizon. Except the unexpected later in November.
  • 10 November – 1st quarter Moon – what are the flash points from the Uranian flavor we picked up with the New Moon a week ago? This Moon makes a direct hit with (1) Mars (in Scorpio) by square and (2) Saturn (strong in Aquarius) by conjunction. This could be a stalemate moment. Likewise it might result in making huge breakthroughs with serious projects that until now, seemed dead in the water.  Beware of accidents and burnout from pushing too hard. You’ve got your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time. Drive carefully.
  • 13 November – Mercury opposes Uranus – insights and breakthroughs in your creativity. 
  • 15 November – Sun square Jupiter – this is a heroic moment – a feeling of victory, confidence, and achievement. Hope, optimism, and lots of energy available. Use it wisely, and you’ll find yourself ahead of the game. 
  • 19 November – Full Moon in Taurus – prepare for a wild ride! This happens at the same time that Mars opposes Uranus – go back to 4th November and that New Moon – stuff on the horizon then could now blow up in your face!  At the same time, there’s huge potential for breakthrough where you’ve previously been stymied – but it might be more explosive than you’d hoped. This is also a lunar eclipse which again carries the signature of sudden, assertive, action-oriented change. This doesn’t need to be negative. But at the same time, it will shake you out of your complacency – body and soul and mind. Again, go back to the beginning of this lunar cycle to understand what’s at stake.
  • 20 November – Mercury squares Jupiter and the Moon in trine in Jupiter – a saving grace to this explosive Full Moon energy – there is a silver lining here – find it!
  • 28 November – Mercury moves into the heart of the Sun bringing with it a moment of insight into your sense of self. Are you experiencing wisdom shining through the egoistic demands of your everyday life? If so, pay attention. The South Node is mixed up in this too. You might be forced to admit what you don’t know. All the better to make best use of what you really do know.

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