Happy Birthday to Taurus

If you’re born under the sign of Taurus, you may find inspiration in the ancient Greek goddess, Aphrodite.

The Hetaira thus affects the shadow side of the male and the subjective side of his Anima — a problem which is not without its danger.

Toni Wolff

Adored for her beauty and amorous adventures, Aphrodite was and is, in all things, a sensuous presence. Ancient Greek statues show her scantily dressed in sumptuous finery. Contemporary fashion magazines display her similarly attired, with lustrous flowing hair and designer dresses, dripping in the ultimate girl’s best friend, diamonds. This is the ultimate trophy wife.

Contrary to popular belief, sexual prowess was never Aphrodite’s claim to fame; instead it was her ability to place her finger precisely on the pulse of power. Although bare breasts and scenes of sexuality still remain taboo on much TV and cinema, violent spectacles such killings, gunfights, and beatings abound. Contrary to being illogical, this sheds important light on how dangerous society believes the powers of Aphrodite to be. Like it or not, our culture seems to have lost all perspective on how to deal with both Aphrodite and her divine gift Eros – passionate love and romance. 

To learn more, look, for example, either to Hollywood and Shakespeare, where jealousy and the eternal love triangle, are the ultimate downfall of many a man’s man. You might also consider the work of Carl Jung which suggests men would do well to get more in touch with their anima or inner woman rather than projecting it on to next pretty girl to come along.

What does your mad heart desire?

Whom shall I make love you.

Who is turning her back

on you?

Sappho’s Hymn to Aphrodite

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