Happy Birthday Aries

For those born under the sign of Aries, find inspiration in the ancient Greek goddess, Artemis.

She is independent of the male, because her development is not based upon a psychological relationship to him. To be the wife of a distinguished man means nothing to her; she strives to win the laurels herself.

Toni Wolff

Artemis is alive and well in the 21st century helping to change our attitudes about Nature. With climate change one of humanity’s most pressing problems, she is welcome more now than ever. Haunting the woods, the groves, and the luscious meadows, she reminds us that it is as important to care for the animals as it is for other humans.

From Artemis, we also have much to learn about the nature of our own sexuality. Whilst it is true that she is a ‘virgin’ goddess, this has nothing to do with notions of priggish prudery. Historically, virginity did not mean sexually chaste, but instead ‘self-sufficiency’. When a woman is complete and whole unto herself, she has no need for external male energy. Indeed, the secret to her sexuality is not to be found, as is the case with Aphrodite, in romantic coupling but instead in her instinctual connection with her true Eros, her own animal nature.

During this time, ladies, please reconsider what you treasure most in your relationships with the gentlemen:  is it possessing a languishing lover or enjoying camaraderie and close friendship with another, who like you retains a strong and unique identify?

Her bow unslung her arrows put aside,

She dons a lovely dress,

And now she leads a sacred dance

With songs to Leto of the fair ankles – 

Homeric Hymn

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