Mars in Cancer

Mars is in Cancer now until the middle of May.

This energy can strongly urge you to protect and nurture your family, friends, and loved ones. I can encourage you to be more aware of the feelings of those around you and how best to show them love and support.

However, this transit can also lead to over-sensitivity or emotional outbursts when things don’t go as planned. When Mars is in Cancer, it can be a time of emotional intensity and insecurity. This placement challenges us to explore our feelings, be more understanding and compassionate with ourselves and others, and express our emotions with greater clarity. It can also bring up issues related to anger, power struggles, self-protection and boundaries.

For us to make the most out of this transit’s potential, it’s important that we learn how to behave appropriately during this period.

Here are some tips on doing just that when Mars is in Cancer:

1. Recognise your feelings and take responsibility for them: Understanding our emotions makes it easier to express them healthily. Doing this will help you deal with any conflicts during this time.

2. Speak up for yourself: During this transit, it’s important to find a way to express your needs and feelings while taking the feelings of others into consideration.

3. Be open to compromise: It can be difficult to reach an agreement when both parties have different needs and perspectives, but try to remain open to finding common ground during this transit.

4. Learn healthy ways to cope with anger: Mars in Cancer can bring out our most negative emotions, so it’s important to find constructive ways to manage them. This might include taking a walk, practising yoga, spending time in nature or using journaling as an outlet.

5. Reach out for help and support: During this challenging time, don’t be afraid to ask for help from those you trust. Talking to a counsellor or mentor can help manage your emotions and gain clarity on any issues that come up during this transit.

By taking the time to do the inner work, we can make the most of this transit and use its energy to grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. If we take the right steps, Mars in Cancer can be a powerful time of transformation and growth.

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