Full Moon in Libra

On today’s full moon in Libra, the energy of balance and harmony is particularly strong. This energy can be very fruitful for taking up projects, making plans, and completing tasks on your to-do list. It’s a great time to celebrate where you are.

Pause and reflect on all the work you’ve done to date as well as to prepare for your future. Feel the joy of accomplishing much and taking leaps of faith that have led you to where you are today, ready for a bountiful harvest. If something is still looming on your to-do list, take the time to make progress during this time of balance and harmony. It’s a gift from the universe that can help your dreams come true.

Let yourself be swept away in the dreamlike energy of the full moon in Libra and use it to fuel your productivity and appreciation for all you have done. You are in the perfect place to take your harvest to market and reap the rewards of all you have sown, especially those put into place at the new Moon a little more than two weeks ago. The energy of balance and harmony is here for you now, so use it wisely as you journey towards a fruitful future!

Enjoy this special time, and make the most of these magical energies from the full moon in Libra. May your harvest be plentiful and your dreams come true!

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