Jupiter in Taurus – the epitome of Pragmatism

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and represents growth, expansion, and abundance.

Astrologically, we often associate Jupiter with a ‘little bit of luck’, but in reality, Jupiter doesn’t deliver luck as such, but the ability to look at the bigger picture, obtain a broader perspective and, with that, a more realistic understanding of a situation or problem beyond its immediate details which leads, in turn to better decision-making, improved problem-solving, enhanced creativity, improved communication, and greater adaptability.

By contrast, Taurus is a fixed earth sign focused not on the bigger picture or greater adaptability but instead on practicality, stability, and material comfort. Planets in Taurus are thus apt to favour the tried and true, more routine approach and thus are more generally less likely to take bold, unconventional actions

Thus when Jupiter is in Taurus for 12 months, from 16 May 2023 through 25 May 2024, it brings an energy of practicality and pragmatism to the planet of expansion and abundance.

This energy is quite compatible with the philosophy of William James, a pragmatist philosopher. James believed an idea’s truth is based on its practical usefulness. In other words, an idea is only true if it works in practice. This emphasis on practicality and usefulness is very much in line with the energy of Jupiter in Taurus.

Jupiter in Taurus encourages us to focus on practical matters and to take a grounded approach to expansion and growth. This energy can help us to find practical solutions to problems and to focus on building a solid foundation for our growth and expansion. It encourages us to take a practical approach to our goals, to be patient and persistent in pursuing them, and to focus on the long-term benefits rather than short-term gains.

This energy is also compatible with the philosophy of William James in another way. James believed that beliefs and ideas should be tested in the real world. He believed that we should experiment with our beliefs and ideas to see if they work in practice. This is very much in line with the energy of Jupiter in Taurus, which encourages us to focus on practicality and to test our ideas and beliefs in the real world.

In conclusion, Jupiter in Taurus fits in very well with the pragmatism of William James. This energy encourages us to focus on practicality, stability, and material comfort, while also emphasizing the importance of testing our beliefs and ideas in the real world. By taking a grounded and practical approach to our goals and aspirations, we can build a solid foundation for our growth and expansion, and achieve long-term success and prosperity.

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