Astrological timing of Magical Work

The seven visible planets offer seven different types of energy/power – and this power allows us to transform ourselves (obtain the virtues connected with the planets) and also to transform our world – i.e., the physical manifestation we experience every day.  

Thus when working magic, which of course, is always aimed at transformation, it is extremely useful not only to tie your work to lunar phases ( note, it is not advisable to work on a new moon) – but also to the planet(s) best suited to your purpose and ensure that the timing of your work is complementary to the placement of that planet – both as to zodiac sign, day, and even the hour (if possible).

For example, if your goal relates to the Sun, then work on Sunday (the day of the Sun) when the Sun is strongest as to rulership ( in Leo) or exaltation (in Aries). It is best not to do solar work when the Sun is in fall (Libra) or detriment (Aquarius). When working with Mercury, aim for him to be in Gemini or Virgo whenever possible but avoid working with him when he’s in Sagittarius or Pisces.

Work on Venusian pursuits when Venus is in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces but avoid, whenever possible, working with her energies with she is in Aries or Scorpio. Mars is strong when he’s in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn. He is not as effective and reliable when he is in Cancer, Libra, or Taurus. Jupiter is at his best in Pisces, Cancer, and Sagittarius but not in such good shape when he is in Capricorn or Gemini. Saturn is strong when he is in Capricorn, Libra, or Aquarius but not when in Cancer or Leo.

In this respect, remember that although the sun changes sign every 30 days, the other planets change sign on a different schedule. For example, Jupiter will be in one zodiac sign for about 12 months, whilst Saturn will spend approximately two and one-half years in a particular zodiac sign. It is always best to consult an ephemeris to be certain of any planetary placement – check out

Planetary hours will vary daily and by location/time zone – one free online planetary hours calculator is

The following is a quick and very basic primer regarding the magical qualities of the seven planets – PLEASE always use it with due care and consideration:

PlanetKey WordExplanation
SunRadiateThe sun is the star at the heart of our solar system – comes outward from the centre – in our charts – talks about the quality of our individual spirit, our identity structure, and our ability to express ourselves. It also tells us if we’re leaders or performers. Self-transformation with the Sun is about confidence. Solar magic also allows us to radiate – to emanate – creating an image – by putting out energy. Star power. The Sun is also key to how we function when people are orbiting us – i.e. leadership. Everyone watches the Sun – and solar magic gives us the ability to centre the attention of others upon ourselves and hold it comfortably. Traditionally, the Sun was used to obtain the favour of kings – whether monarchs in reality or people in charge of a little fiefdom, even like the local Burger King. The Sun teaches us to be a leader and gain the favour of those in that position.
MoonManaging FluxAs the earth’s sole satellite, the Moon has everything to do with all that is manifest – the body – and emotions and instincts. In the natal chart, the Moon tells us how we find nurturing and comfort. Roots are growing into the ground – home – connection. The moon’s power is unlike the sun in that it is not about stability but flux. The silver moon or the dark moon – in Greek philosophy, the moon is associated with the generation and elimination of matter (birth and death). The silver Moon encourages embodiment – but the dark moon separates spirit and matter. In astrological magic, the timing of the moon is everything. We really need to focus on the Moon. This is especially important with talismanic work, which aims to embody energy in material objects. Lunar magic is also one aspect of this – and it works internally – filling emotional voids with energy – and building up the body. The dark moon is about letting go of stuff – i.e. habits and emotional complexes. The waning moon helps to remove people and things from our lives. The moon is also used to direct our dreams.
Mercury Connect the DotsAs the smallest planet, Mercury is very fast – thus, he deals with communication and transportation – his power is to connect the dots and find the pattern that moves goods and services from one point to another. TRANSPORT – safe travel is good work with this planet. Also, harmonious communication with technologically advanced devices. Facilitating harmony and efficiency in these realms. Also good to gain favour with those who are in a position to make good connections we need. Internally, we use Mercury to reason quickly and effectively and to upgrade our ability to get our thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the page so others can be received and understand us. Essential significations are one thing – but Mercury is particularly prone to double-sided efforts – he’s a trickster – so when he’s involved, things don’t always work to plan – and when he’s in Retrograde, we find ourselves taken down a side road we’d never have chosen to travel – but in doing so, we gain something – metaphorically, Mercury retrograde is the trip to the underworld – and works well when we really need to look deep inside ourselves.
VenusTying and Untying BondsAs the lesser benefic, Venus ssymbolises our desires and how we manage those desires, making connections/bonds, and ending those bonds. Note that bonds are made with people and material things that we desire. Working with Venus magically is about drawing things and people we desire to us – BEWARE – this is dangerous stuff – and people’s motivations are not as honest as they’d have us seem – internally, Venus helps us to become desirable – how to attract – People are drawn to Venus – she doesn’t chase after them. This is GLAMOUR – the image we project into the minds of others – and glamour magic hides the bad stuff about us and shines the light on our good stuff. With her mirror, Venus is good at reflecting and deflecting that light as we would like. Venus is feminine, and her energy enfolds in personages like Adonis. Look also to these personages’ Orphic hymns to learn more about them. Note also that the Moon is associated with glamour – but it operates differently – the Moon deals with the application of images from within a person’s mind – part of glamour is getting others to project part of their own minds upon you.
MarsThe MissionAs the lesser malefic, in natal charts, Mars shows the location of conflict within our lives– and usually, we participate actively with that conflict – whether or not we admit it. Mars also speaks of our patterns of action in pressurised situations – like the sun, the energy is hot and outflowing – but unlike the Sun, Mars is always goal-oriented. How do we go about getting it done when it needs to get done? Magically, Mars is about smashing our enemies. On another level, Mars talismans make a person more capable of smashing enemies – there is a difference to smashing foes – he gives us courage and bravery – which are always necessary these days. Mars also helps us gain favour with martial people. If you need to cut or burn something, this is the energy – but use it wisely and ethically. Mars is good for moving the body – i.e. heat and activity are the gifts of Mars – if they need it – but be careful of too much Mars – rashes and inflammatory problems – the blood is running too hot, and temper is shortened, etc.
JupiterBlessingsAs the greater planetary benefic in the chart, Jupiter is concerned with growth and improvement – he’s a blessing both materially and spiritually – he can help to improve just about everything. Magically, he helps us gain favour with those who can give us blessings – i.e. teachers and priests are already Jupiter types – he also helps with learning, especially regarding a particular chosen path – indeed, he can help with just about anything. Benevolence – a range of blessings.
SaturnEnduranceAs the greater malefic, Saturn’s primary magical function is to bind things together (although he is often associated with cursing). But as a malefic, Saturn presides over difficult/hostile/ harmful events/people in our lives – but while Mars attacks them, Saturn binds them – i.e., stops them – renders them unable to afflict us. Binding also connects – and so Saturn is also associated with contracts – the Devil binds you by contract – but you can also bind the Devil by contract, too – therefore, you can ask Saturn to help you to keep your promises. Patience and endurance when there isn’t immediate gratification. Boring but essential. Also, use him to gain the favour of aged people (like it or not) and managerial people (but not kings – Saturn is about prime ministers but not kings).

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