Tips About Icebergs


By Debra Moolenaar

Want tips about icebergs?

you gotta understand, once melted

they’re useless as crystal broken,

deadly as shivering sands.


They drift in cashmere sierras,

slink against silk clouds,

sulk in velvet auras plunging, never

speaking aloud.


They ring in Ramadan and Christmas

two poles juxtaposed;

one a flipped cathedral and

the other a seismic hole.


Icebergs forge the future,

global crises, human hopes.

they pit the adventurer against his  dream,

force star crossed lovers to work as a team.


Want tips about icebergs?

yes, of course, you yap.  Everyone

desires to navigate the spires

of the polar ice caps.


Well, then, swim to the  Gulf Stream, sail

where not a single flower grows.  Stand

on the brink, frozen, empty,

anything goes.


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