From original poetry


I do not see why I should agree with anyone else but me.     It’s a chance that I take to break out of this crate in which, I’ve hidden for too many years.   Jump you declare? How do you dare?   This time, I flat out, refuse.

Cats of Many Colours

CATS OF MANY COLOURS Marmalade kitten pie in my sky, you’re the apple of this little girl’s eye. Marmalade kitten I’ll hold you tight.  Come on let’s go home, right?   Tommy Oyster my middle man I couldn’t be a bigger fan. Tommy Oyster softest grey and white Formal dress?  Let’s make it a night.   Dead cat the colour of ebony Why won’t my feelings flow? Dead cat Is it a felony? At my age, I can’t let you go

Wicked Witch of A’dam – Astro Poetry

Wicked Witch of Amsterdam 7 May 1944 Persevering, dependable, relaxed, and calm; Patient and steady, Stuck in a rut. ___ Prizes wit and cunning and trickery; Clever with finances. Adores reading. ___ Silver-tongued scattered thoughts The mind of a thief. Knows everyone, gets around. ___ There’s no place like home. Nostalgic and sentimental, Overly protective parent. ___ Flirtatious; hopeless romantic. A true performer, Drama for drama’s sake. ___ Warm and generous with employees, Shines through daily work. Adores rich food, has back problems. ___ Equal relationships, Requires tactful, diplomatic partner. Avoids divorce at all costs. ___ Tempts fate; deep interactions.…