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Red Dress

The color of the dress was Blood Red

the color associated with needles, transfusions,

debilitating intestinal bleeds.

The Dangers of Individuality – The Sabian Symbol for Today

With the Sun moving towards 24 Leo, the Sabian Symbol for today is an ‘untidy, unkempt man’. Usually with Leonine energy, we think of proud playfulness, openhearted generosity, and confident charm.   But sometimes, it can all go wrong. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, which can be equated with the Ego – that part of your personality that maintains the balance between impulses … Read More The Dangers of Individuality – The Sabian Symbol for Today

The Hungry Hole in Group Dynamics – It’s Waiting for You

Group dynamics put you in touch with the unconscious bits of yourself. Whether or not you like it, you play the role of energy you bring into the pattern.

Faces Within Faces – Revealing the Secrets of Your 5th House

Like artists, astrologers seek to capture the essence of their subject – that unique signature style that sets one apart in the sea of humanity.

The Astro-Art of Wisdom

Wisdom requires using your imagination to literally push knowledge and understanding beyond itself into the realm of experience.

Astro-dynamics of My Knight in Shining Armour

The key words here are clash, struggle, opposition, fear, defat, and betrayal. Nothing personal – it’s a rite of passage.

The Wicked Witch of Amsterdam – An Astro-story of Sex & Lies

I took the moral high ground and played Snow White to her Wicked Witch.

The Astrology of Friendship or Why THEY drop ME !

Interestingly, ‘friend’ (Old English ‘freond’) was paired alliteratively with ‘feond’ or ‘fiend’ (the enemy) although of course they weren’t directly related.

Mercury in Retrograde – what does it really mean?

The message of Mercury retrograde is to stop pushing forward for a time and instead ‘go back and try again.’

The Dangers of Magical Practice – Ego Gratification vs. the Divine

As transiting Neptune slides into Pisces, many will become more interested in the occult.   If you decide to dabble in anything more strenuous than practical household magic, it’s worth keeping in mind one point that just might save your life. In his excellent book, The Philosophy of Magic, Arthur Versluis reminds us that in both Eastern and Western traditions, Magic has always been worked … Read More The Dangers of Magical Practice – Ego Gratification vs. the Divine

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