Today and Tomorrow are 3 of Swords Days

With the Sun in Virgo (critical) and the Moon in Aquarius (wilful), today and tomorrow are Three of Swords days. Three stands for past, present, and future, Three is behind manifestation, Things do come in threes. With the Three of Swords, that which has been set in motion in the past has come to fruition… Continue reading Today and Tomorrow are 3 of Swords Days

Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic / Melancholic Days

In classical mythology, Mercury is the trickster god and hence like the Fool card in the tarot, has no fixed agenda. Indeed his is a spontaneous approach to life and although he rushes in where angels may fear to tread, he is usually successful.

Today is a ‘Tower of Destruction’ Day

Origen (circa AD 185) suggests that it’s hard-wired in our souls – i.e. we are built to push the boundaries of nature with the purpose of breaching them – i.e. for example through scientific research.