Elizabethan Protestantism – every day life in the realm

The moderate Protestantism of Elizabeth I was a compromise not only between the Protestant and Catholic faiths but also between the various competing factions in the Protestant movement (i.e. Calvin vs. Luther and Zwingli). During her long reign, Elizabeth’s religious policy made life easier for some and harder for others but, overall, at least initially,… Continue reading Elizabethan Protestantism – every day life in the realm

What is Spirituality? I’m sure that I should know…

A client asked for astrological insight on her spirituality. But what she meant by that, she wasn’t too sure. I told her she wasn’t alone in her confusion and suggested that we explore this together. She wasn’t too keen on that, however. For her, spiritualty was too personal. OK – so I decided to come… Continue reading What is Spirituality? I’m sure that I should know…

Gateways of the Soul – The Seven Seals or Planets

Incarnation is a lifetime process during which my soul travels downwards through the chakras from the Sun to Saturn and back up again: Down: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Up: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Sun. I engage (or not) with this process with every thought, decision, and action that… Continue reading Gateways of the Soul – The Seven Seals or Planets

Should I establish an astrology practice? SUMMARY YES – all signs are ‘go’ for a new astrology practice. It is likely not only to be profitable but also to be of measurable help to clients – as Liz Greene has oft reminded us, the earliest role of the astrology was that of a priest – the… Continue reading


These days, there seems to be a good deal of praying going on. I have no problem with that – we need people of faith to counterbalance those of too little (or no) faith. However, I’d just like to point out that there are a good many people who could use some help in the here and… Continue reading Praying

The Concept of Canon & The Secret Book of John

If we accept that (1) the concept of canon has existed for at least two thousand years and likely to exist for a few more and (2) in our increasingly globally mobile society, canon formation will not become easier then we need to look for a new solution and I propose that to be a radical change in our point of view.

Freedom and Power in English Renaissance Revenge Tragedy

However in The Duchess of Malfi there is room to argue that Duke Ferdinand, as head of the household qua government is corrupt. Most certainly at times he borders on depravity and his elder brother, the Cardinal of Aragon, says as much: ‘(w)hy do you make yourself (s)o wild a tempest?’ (II v 17-18).

Today is a ‘Tower of Destruction’ Day

Origen (circa AD 185) suggests that it’s hard-wired in our souls – i.e. we are built to push the boundaries of nature with the purpose of breaching them – i.e. for example through scientific research.

Find your Personal Path to Enlightenment through your Part of Daemon

The more you’re pushed in the material world, the more likely you are to turn to your Part of Daemon for in essence, it encompasses your entire philosophy (tenets) about life.

Aristotelian Astrology

The ancients believed that souls could only incarnate on a new or full moon – and hence he/she was kept in a holding pattern in the Sphere of the Moon until the right moment – and in while there – had all the qualities absorbed by the previous spheres SCRAMBLED !