The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 3)

The primary text of Alexandrian Hermeticism is known as the Corpus Hermeticum, which itself is a collection of 17 different primarily philosophical treatises written in Greek in 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.

Gateway to the Stars & the Winter Solstice

Least you think that this does not affect our everyday lives on earth, think again. When one of the slower moving planets such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto crosses this point, even the stock or share markets react as Christen Skinner reminds us in her excellent book, The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe: An Introduction to the Role of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in Financial Markets.

Happy Easter

The energy of this long Easter weekend is predominately that of the Sun in Aries making a challenging square aspect to Pluto, the Lord of transfiguration, death and rebirth. If ever there was time a time to get in touch with how your ego (shadow side of the Sun) stifles your connection with your higher Self, it’s this Easter.