Esoteric Dilemmas

In some esoteric circles, the MC/IC (Mid-heaven/Imum Coeli) axis depicts your spiritual descent down the ladder from the stars and into bodily incarnation.[1] The idea is that before birth, you were given a daemon that selects the pattern that you are to live out on earth. [2] Soul, then, is the mediating consciousness between body… Continue reading Esoteric Dilemmas

Gateways of the Soul – The Seven Seals or Planets

Incarnation is a lifetime process during which my soul travels downwards through the chakras from the Sun to Saturn and back up again: Down: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Up: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Sun. I engage (or not) with this process with every thought, decision, and action that… Continue reading Gateways of the Soul – The Seven Seals or Planets

Ms D and Mr B – it’s all about Communication

Composite Moon suggests how honestly you express your emotions with each other – and with Composite Jupiter in trine (easy aspect) this probably goes well. The sympathy you share with each other will likely have a positive, morally uplifting effect for both – optimism goes a long way toward making everything better.

Find your Personal Path to Enlightenment through your Part of Daemon

The more you’re pushed in the material world, the more likely you are to turn to your Part of Daemon for in essence, it encompasses your entire philosophy (tenets) about life.

And all you wanted was a good ghost story…

Instead of fearing loss of meaning as did our forefathers, post-moderns fear loss of touch with reality. Makes perfect sense in today’s world where entertainment, information, and communication technologies provide experiences more intense – and gratifying – than RL or ‘real life’.

Literary Criticism / passage from Winterson’s ‘The Passion’ – how did I do?

With this example of intertextuality, our spiritual selves are challenged to rise above the negativity of the material world to be fully realised in the bosom of God. By referencing the Bible (Matthew 14:22-33), Winterson cleverly triggers brand awareness. God is a powerful spin-doctor.

On the Passing of an Elderly neighbour

Today, on a brisk, sunny day in the bowels of winter, I discovered that my neighbour, a frail and fiercely proud elderly lady, had died. I learned of this sad event when, while on my way to the grocery store, I saw a shiny black hearse surrounded by small crowd of  well-wishers outside her door.… Continue reading On the Passing of an Elderly neighbour

The Dangers of Magical Practice – Ego Gratification vs. the Divine

As transiting Neptune slides into Pisces, many will become more interested in the occult.   If you decide to dabble in anything more strenuous than practical household magic, it’s worth keeping in mind one point that just might save your life. In his excellent book, The Philosophy of Magic, Arthur Versluis reminds us that in both… Continue reading The Dangers of Magical Practice – Ego Gratification vs. the Divine

Self, Spirituality, and Zen – Journey of the Ox-Tamer

The concept of ‘self’ is as woolly as that of  ‘spirituality’. Yet today’s Western spirituality seeker must come to grips with both because now he’s so psychologically oriented, the ‘self’ is the centre of his ‘spirituality’.[i] While both mystics and psychologically oriented spirituality seekers often speak in terms of ‘transcending the self’, I suggest they… Continue reading Self, Spirituality, and Zen – Journey of the Ox-Tamer