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  • Wyrd is Weird (or is it?)

    Wyrd is Weird (or is it?)

    The word ‘wyrd’ is an Anglo-Saxon term which literally means ‘that which has turned’ or ‘that which has become’.

  • Jupiter Rising?

    Jupiter Rising?

    Why do you figure that the phrase ‘Annuit Coeptis’ hovering over the pyramid on the US dollar bill is taken from a line from Virgil’s Aeneid, ‘Jupiter, favour us in our undertaking’?

  • Ley Lines

    Ley Lines

    Perhaps this is why we feel good in certain places and not so good in others? 

  • Wise Men

    Wise Men

    We’re often told the sky is the limit but that’s tricky to achieve stuck here on earth.

  • The Twelve Holy Nights

    The Twelve Holy Nights

    It’s difficult to imagine a more auspicious time to release the old and set oneself in good stead for the new. 

  • The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 2)

    The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 2)

    In line with the Persian philosophers whom he had studied, Corbin identified the human imagination as ‘an autonomous world of intermediaries, the mundus imaginals, where visions, apparitions, angels, and hierarchies occurred independently of any perceiving subject’.

  • Astrological Anxiety (2)

    Astrological Anxiety (2)

    The upshot of this is that some people are neither cut out for astrology – be they practitioners, students, or clients. In such instances, they ought to leave astrology alone.

  • Astrological Anxiety (1)

    Astrological Anxiety (1)

    It goes something like this – now with the benefit of astrology, I know a little bit what to expect and that somehow makes everything worse.

  • Karmic Astrology (12)

    Karmic Astrology (12)

    In those prior lifetimes, she developed (or adopted) an inflated – or haughty – sense of self that will all too easily slip back into play during this lifetime if she’s not careful.

  • Karmic Astrology (11)

    Karmic Astrology (11)

    You might say that I sacrificed myself – my solar essence – to keep the peace. That probably isn’t far from wrong, from what I’ve experienced in this, my present, incarnation.