The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 6)

The prize of all alchemical work was the philosopher’s stone which outwardly turned base metal into gold and inwardly turned the baseness inherent in man (having fallen from the Garden of Eden) into the state divine grace.

The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 3)

The primary text of Alexandrian Hermeticism is known as the Corpus Hermeticum, which itself is a collection of 17 different primarily philosophical treatises written in Greek in 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.

The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 2)

In line with the Persian philosophers whom he had studied, Corbin identified the human imagination as ‘an autonomous world of intermediaries, the mundus imaginals, where visions, apparitions, angels, and hierarchies occurred independently of any perceiving subject’.

The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 1)

Jung’s work with magic and astrology demonstrates not only is there a place for esoteric traditions in modern science but also if we are to become all that we as men and women can be an important link must be made between irrationalism and progressive rationalism.

Character & Calling (Part 3)

Yet as Hillman also points out, Judy Garland may have grown up but she didn’t grow down, as is required for soul. Always, she held on to America’s most treasured drug – the myth of innocence – the psychology of denial.