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Will my novel, Curve of Capricorn, be published if I do JB’s Bestseller Fiction Masterclass?

  Overall – this is looking very positive – with some problems to be overcome (to be expected) but a favourable final outcome. I would expect a publisher to come after my novel in about 9 months and that makes sense given that JB’s course finishes end in May 2018. Interestingly, if it is true that publication is usually about 12 months after signing a … Read More Will my novel, Curve of Capricorn, be published if I do JB’s Bestseller Fiction Masterclass?

North Korea+United States = War?

I wrote this several months ago a = then it was mere speculation and now its beginning to look like something else altogether….   Trump and North Korea share bad blood. If North Korea has it in for the US then equally, everything for which North Korea stands gets Trump’s metaphorical ‘goat’. Keywords include: eccentric actions, upset, and excitement. Although the US may be … Read More North Korea+United States = War?

Neptune/Mars = Angry Impotence?

A friend of mine has a Mars/Neptune conjunction in a wide square aspect to his Sun. Most of the time, we get on very well and after many years, I can honestly say that he is a good man. However, in our more difficult moments, I’ve rightfully called him a bully – one who knows just when I’m feeling down or ill enough for … Read More Neptune/Mars = Angry Impotence?

Today and Tomorrow are Queen of Sword’s Days

With the Sun in Virgo (discerning) and the Moon in Aries (daring & defiant), today and tomorrow are Queen of Swords days. The Queen of Swords is not only tenacious, but also prone to being argumentative. Nothing escapes her all-encompassing gaze. She possesses more than ample intellectual capabilities to process what she’s learned. Because she is by nature an independent woman, she is oft … Read More Today and Tomorrow are Queen of Sword’s Days

What’s your Dharma/ Career path?

In your astrological chart, the MC or Mid-heaven marks the highest point that the Sun will reach on the day that you were born. In this respect, it represents the point for which you’re always aiming –  call it what you like – dharma, calling, vocation, and/or personal path to enlightenment. The energy symbolised by the zodiac sign on the MC (along with the … Read More What’s your Dharma/ Career path?

Apologies and T-Square…

Recently, a friend told me how she’d hurt her back after a difficult week. Not only had she been exasperated with her aging mother but she’d had a nasty argument with her partner. Playing the astrological angel, I relayed ‘important’ information about how transiting Neptune was setting off her natal T-Square – Saturn (backbone), Moon (mother), and Mars (anger). “All very interesting”, was her … Read More Apologies and T-Square…

War in 2017?

SUMMARY – Will the United States find itself at war during the final calendar quarter of 2017? Probably not – although it does remain a realistic possibility. Expect more ‘fighting words’ from both the US and North Korea. Nothing new there. What is new, however, is that even if North Korea is keen to soon be at war, it is likely to suffer some … Read More War in 2017?

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