Venus in Pisces

In the early hours of Friday morning (27 January 2023) GMT, Venus moves into Pisces, where she remains until just after Valentine’s Day.

Now, classic textbooks will tell you that, being exalted in Pisces, Venus will be very happy – doing everything Venus is known for (romance is high on the list) at the top of her game.

Great news for lovers’ trysts, right? 

Not quite.

When a planet is exalted, it’s like being placed on a pedestal such that she or he can be worshipped as if from on high. Venus (the goddess of love) exalted in Pisces, then seeks to be the centre of attention, petted and admired for her beauty and grace. 

The problem is that although she’s exalted – an honoured houseguest – in Pisces, Venus is still a houseguest. She does not own this sign. Instead, the owner of Pisces is Jupiter. To determine how Venus fares during her time as Jupiter’s guest, we must check in on Jupiter and assess how he’s doing.

That is not good news.

The entire time Venus remains in Pisces, Jupiter is hot and bothered in the zodiac sign of Aries. True, he’s happy enough there. Indeed, he’s too happy for Venus’s liking. Jupiter in Aries is puffed up with his own agenda; he’s in a big hurry to accomplish his goals – his mantra is ‘get it done and get it done now’! However, Venus prefers to take things more slowly, enjoying the ride as much as a result. The result is that during her visit to Pisces, Jupiter takes centre stage – in your face – and Venus gets left behind.

Keep this in mind, and this Valentine’s Day, give the object your Venusian desires a bit of extra TLC!

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