Happy Birthday Pisces

For those born under the sign of Pisces, find inspiration in the ancient Greek god, Dionysus.

Dionysus is the abyss of impassioned dissolution, where all human distinctions are merged in the animal divinity of the primordial psyche – a blissful and terrible experience. 

Carl Jung

The celebration of Dionysus was called the ‘Orgia’ (from which the word orgy comes). Wine, rhythmic dance, and frenzied music combine to take celebrants out of themselves and enter into one with the god. 

As Jung reminds us, the archetype in question is a once both positive and negative, and certainly not one with which to strike up a casual, unwitting dalliance. Some accounts report the Orgia climaxes in tearing to pieces and eating the raw flesh of a sacrificial animal. Other accounts suggest endings a whole lot worse for all involved.

The good news is that Dionysus is in touch with both his masculine and feminine. So this energy is fantastic for beginning your own spiritual journey to individuation, or the Jungian process of becoming whole. But remember that whilst gods and goddesses such as Dionysus and Persephone had leave to come and go from the underworld at will, mortals like you and me do not enjoy such privilege.

The Dionysian archetype is dangerous precisely because it compromises the ability of our ego to mediate between the childish desires of the id and the ethical boundaries imposed by superego. In other words, whatever you choose to do with this energy, don’t get carried away.

Madmen! what god is this whom you have taken and bind, strong that he is? Not even the well-built ship can carry him. 

Homeric Hymn

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