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  • The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 5)

    The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 5)

    In this, Jung took the view from Jewish magic that ‘guardian angels’ could be pretty much the same thing as one’s daimon.

  • The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 4)

    The Western Esoteric Traditions (Part 4)

    As Dr Liz Greene reminds us, not only was Carl Jung very familiar with Ficino’s work, but he relied on it extensively in his own work in the Liber Novus.

  • Astrological Anxiety (2)

    Astrological Anxiety (2)

    The upshot of this is that some people are neither cut out for astrology – be they practitioners, students, or clients. In such instances, they ought to leave astrology alone.

  • Astrological Anxiety (1)

    Astrological Anxiety (1)

    It goes something like this – now with the benefit of astrology, I know a little bit what to expect and that somehow makes everything worse.

  • Astrology of May 2021

    Astrology of May 2021

    Overall, this is good stuff and after all we’ve been through with Covid-19, et al, it’s about time.

  • Character & Calling (Part 3)

    Character & Calling (Part 3)

    Yet as Hillman also points out, Judy Garland may have grown up but she didn’t grow down, as is required for soul. Always, she held on to America’s most treasured drug – the myth of innocence – the psychology of denial.

  • The Year Ahead

    The Year Ahead

    Maintaining integrity is the key to getting through 2021 in one piece.

  • Flying too High

    Flying too High

    But if you can remain balanced and diplomatic in handling this energy, you stand to win – and because Venus (diplomacy) is in Capricorn, you could win big.

  • The 2nd American Civil War

    The 2nd American Civil War

    At least I was met with disbelief at best and derision by many – well, sad to say it seems the writing is on the wall…

  • Gateway to the Stars & the Winter Solstice

    Gateway to the Stars & the Winter Solstice

    Least you think that this does not affect our everyday lives on earth, think again. When one of the slower moving planets such as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto crosses this point, even the stock or share markets react as Christen Skinner reminds us in her excellent book, The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe: An Introduction to the Role of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in Financial Markets.