The Astrology of December 2021


Overall, there’s a good amount of positive energy in play especially at the beginning of the month. It could get more difficult towards the end of the month, but hang in there and know that if you’ve been working patiently and diligently for the last 12 or so months, you could be looking for a nice pay off – will this make you happy? That will be a whole lot easier to achieve if you are a glass half full person rather than one who prefers to see the glass as half empty.


  • 4 December – a solar eclipse in Sagittarius – this is a New Moon and as this cycle plays out, we can expect the energy to be uplifting – hopeful and inspiring – although it is always possible to get carried away – especially leading up to the full moon on 19 December. The last quarter lunar cycle from 19-27 December could be hard work. Nonetheless, with the next lunar cycle starting with the New Moon on 2 January 2022, we have a chance to recover. Think back to 26 May 2021 – the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius – what was in play for you then? Now consider the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on 14 December 2020 – see a similarity of themes?
  • 7 December – Mars squares Jupiter in Scorpio and Aquarius respectively – beware of an inflated sense of self-righteous dominance – ego power plays and angry exchanges – ideological fervour.  I’m right and you’re wrong for no other reason than that – oh, dear – now where do you figure that will get you? On the other hand, if you can avoid that temptation then whilst you’re feeling strong and confident during this time you might be in the position to take some excellent decisions. If you’ve been working really hard on a project (s), now might also be the reap the benefits. 
  • 7 December – Mercury squares Neptune – this could be the inspiration for which you’ve been seeking – pay attention to moments of insight today. Equally, be alert to a tendency toward illusion/delusion – be honest – could that amazing inspiration be really nothing more than what you really wanted to see? 
  • 11 December – Venus in Capricorn conjuncts with Pluto for the 1st time this month. This also could bring major breakthroughs especially regarding sexuality and/or romantic relationships. Whatever does come up during this time, could, in the long run, be immensely healing. But don’t expect this to necessarily be pretty. This energy is not so much romantic as it is realistic, sometimes painfully so.
  • 12 December – the Sun squares Neptune – this could prove to be a very enlightening time especially regarding finding a sense of true meaning and purpose in your life. Nonetheless, do yourself a favour and keep your feet on the ground. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.
  • 19 December – Venus turns retrograde (apparent backwards movement in the sky) and so, by the 25th  of December she will perfect her 2nd conjunction with Pluto. If you found the events of the 11th of December challenging and/or painful, now is the time to regroup and realign. Consider yourself lucky to have this opportunity. Whenever Pluto is involved, you can be certain that whatever (or whomever) is no longer in your life as the result was essential for your long-term health and prosperity. 
  • 20 December – the Sun sextiles Jupiter – as chaotic and heavy as events might become during this period, this pairing gives a very uplifting energy – honest understanding is now available – tomorrow will be better – and with this energy, it’s more than likely that it will be. This is because by the end of this month, Jupiter enters Pisces where he picks up strength and dignity. There’s a silver lining even in the darkest cloud. Can you find it?
  • 21 December – the winter solstice – the Sun moves into Capricorn and in the northern hemisphere, we have the longest night of the year. From here on in until June 2022, the days start getting longer – a major turning point – the light (and optimism) returns. This is a good omen, especially with Jupiter moving into Pisces. 
  • 23 December- the lunar (mean) Nodes change sign from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio. Today, we tend to think of the North Node as our spiritual mission and the South Node as our karmic baggage. Traditional astrology saw the nodes differently. Remember that the nodal axis is tied to the Moon, which in older times, was considered to be the ruler of our earthly fortunes, which were always in flux. Like the wheel of fortune – one minute you’re a up and the next, you’re down. The trick is not to get caught up in this for there’s more to reality than you can so readily see. The North node was associated with gain, but gain may be both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Maybe you take on more debt or chores at work. Certainly gain alone is not guaranteed to make us happy. There can even be too much of a good thing, right? The more we get the more we want and so we’re never satisfied kind of thing. The South node, traditionally, implies decline; material hardships, disappointment, and the loss of certain things. Again, this may or may not prove ultimately beneficial. Look back to May 2003 – November 2004, when, as in 2021-2022, the North Node was in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio. What themes were in play in your life re: gains/losses? How did these themes play out in the years that followed?
  • 24 December – Saturn/Uranus square off for the third and final time this year. It’s been going on through the entire calendar 2021. No surprise this transit comes loaded with history – so how it plays out for you now, will depend on how it’s been shaping up during the whole of 2021. But the wildcard here is that this last hit occurs when Venus is going into retrograde and coming into conjunction with Pluto (look back to 19 December). We are also coming out of eclipse season, so it’s an intense time notwithstanding Saturn/Uranus. Think back to the middle of February 2021– when these two heavy hitters came together the first time; the second hit was around the summer solstice in 2021. What was going on for you along the theme of cautious and careful change – a pattern of facing problems and finding solutions – two steps forward and one step backwards – we can’t afford to throw out the baby with the bath water – although the temptation is to do just that. These two planetary players are forming a square – so conflict and action are a given. With each step backwards you’ve taken this year, what of benefit have you learned from that experience and most importantly, what will you do with it now?
  • 29 December – Jupiter enters Pisces – Jupiter has an approximately 12-year cycle and so the last time he went through the entire sign of Pisces was in 2010 and into early 2011. For the last couple of years, Jupiter has been in Saturn-ruled signs – he was not happy – and we were gripped by division – be it political or otherwise. This is now coming to an end and even better, in mid-April 2022, Jupiter conjoins with Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces, and Venus/Mars in Pisces. Good stuff! But for now, back to December. Jupiter brings us a sense of cosmic order, it all fits together – and makes sense – he activates energies that are cohesive to our social experience. In Pisces, a water sign, Jupiter brings upwards growth and development, life-giving qualities. The atmosphere will be much lighter and brighter – more lush and sensual – than we’ve experienced in a long time.
  • 30 December – Mercury and Venus come together – this is a lovely, soothing, and harmonious energy – pleasant conversations – just before Mercury conjuncts Pluto, which will make all things intellectual a bit more intense.

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