Venus goes Retrograde

19th December 2021, Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn during which time she is in close (if not exact) proximity to Pluto in Capricorn. It just so happens that for much of that time, Mercury – also in Capricorn will form part of that mix.

I’ve struggled to express the meaning of this period (extending through until the new year) better than the following:

I tell you, you only have to learn to live like the healthy person does … living with complete confidence. What confidence? The only one worth holding, in what is trustworthy, unhindered, and can’t be taken away – your own reason choice.

Epictetus, Discourses, 3:26;23b-24

Although Pluto is more associated with animal instincts than reasoned choice, the combined influence of both Venus (symbolising our personal values) and Mercury (logic and reason) tips the balance in favour of making good, old fashioned reasoned choices of the type which I believe Epictetus is describing. This is especially the case in Capricorn where we are called upon to get real.

The take-away here is that whilst in retrograde, Venus provides the perfect time to reconsider the values upon which, your choices have been made to date. If they no longer are trustworthy, unhindered, and most of all, healthy, then gracefully let them slip away.






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