The Astrology of December 2022

Summary – themes of confusion and perhaps even downright deception play out as we ask ourselves important questions like ‘why am I here’ and ‘why does it matter.’

1 December – Venus (in Sagittarius) opposes Mars (in Gemini in retrograde); polar opposites both by zodiac sign and planetary temperament. Mythically, Venus and Mars are lovers, and, as is often the case, the path of true love never is smooth. Don’t forget that Venus was married to another and carried on a torrid love affair with Mars. In some mythologies, their illicit union produced a child: the goddess Harmonia in Greek tradition and Concordia in the Roman version. Mythology buffs will know that things didn’t go well for the child of Venus and Mars. Equally, when the planets of Venus and Mars tango in opposition, relations between men and women may not go well. The trick here is to take all that happens (i.e., the power struggle) with a grain of salt. This, too, will pass, but important lessons must be learned in the meantime.

2 December – Mercury forms a square with Neptune. This adds an element of – at best – misperceptions – but, at worst, downright deception in all our endeavours, especially concerning clear, concise communication.

4 December – Venus forms a square with Neptune. The stakes are raised. Astrologically, Venus symbolises not only our desires but also how we manage those desires, especially in our relationships. Neptune adds a touch of glamour and theatrical appeal to everything he touches. Pay attention here. Not everything that glitters is gold. Neptune is the master of subversion, blurring our everyday vision. During this period, you’re going to have to work a bit harder than usual to ensure those with whom you’re involved do not pull the wool over your eyes. Likewise, you must take extra care to ensure you’re not trying to do the same to others. 

6 December – Mercury forms a square with Jupiter. Astrologically, Mercury symbolises how we connect the dots – i.e., how we gather information and process it to make personal sense of ourselves and our world. Jupiter helps us to see that big picture, and, in combination with Mercury, that picture is about how we fit into the world. With these two planets in a difficult square aspect, working out how we fit into the bigger picture may feel like trying to fit round pegs into square holes. Nonetheless, there’s real potential if we can stick with it, especially if we’re willing to accept that the bigger picture is, in reality, a divine plan of sorts, one that may not always fit nicely with our ego-focused view of the world. 

8 December – Full Moon in Gemini at the same time that the Sun opposes Mars. Every full moon is a heightened emotion. If in doubt, consider the origins and meanings of worlds like lunacy, loony, and lunatic. With any full moon, you’ll need to take more care than usual if you’re not keen on letting your passions take you places that you’d best be advised not to go.  This is especially the case now with the Sun (personal ego) tied up with Mars (conflict). Remember: words (Gemini) hurled in anger can hurt people as much as if you were throwing physical sticks and stones (Mars). Whatever surfaces now might have been festering for a long-long time (Mars has been retrograding since the summer). Now is the time to deal with it.

9 December – Venus forms a square with Jupiter – if you’ve been working hard to understand how you personally fit into the bigger picture, look to events today to take that endeavour forward. Our relationships (Venus) offer a convenient (if not always pleasant) mirror for us to see ourselves through the eyes of another. In the coming year, this could prove valuable information.

14 December – Sun forms a Square with Neptune – astrologically, the Sun symbolises our spirit’s quality and ability to express ourselves confidently. Today that may not be easy for anyone. Consider how you feel when enjoying yourself sitting comfortably in the sun and a dark cloud (Neptune) passes over. 

17 December – Mercury trines Uranus – the tension that might well have been building all month is likely to dissipate, like the thunderstorm that clears the air after an intense period of heat. If you’ve been working hard to understand how you fit into the bigger picture (i.e., the cosmic plan), now might be the time you’ll get a stunningly surprising (and very practical and constructive – after all, Uranus is in Taurus) answer!

20 December – Jupiter ingresses into Aries – this could be a moment like the big bang – the moment of creative possibility comes from nothing – and that creative possibility will be something brand new. But beware. This is also a time of impulsive action. Don’t go overboard with this new possibility, at least not until you’ve had an opportunity to investigate more closely how this will likely play out over time. 

21 December – Sun squares Jupiter – this the winter solstice – the light is returning – and with Jupiter now in Aries, the theme is a heroic upsurge of hope for the future. At the same time, Venus makes a trine to Uranus; this could be a moment of unexpected good fortune. 

23 December – New Moon in Capricorn – any new moon is the perfect time to put your new plans into action – and take heart – this new moon is mixed with the final days of Pluto in Capricorn (he’s getting ready to move into Aquarius in March 2023); this is time to gather up loose ends in your past efforts and make them into a tight bundle, one strong enough to act as the foundation for your future.

29 December – Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde. From now until the middle of January, you’ve got a perfect time to tie up those loose ends and, more likely than not, whether or not it’s what you wanted, that’s precisely what you’ll be forced to do. 

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