Happy Birthday Sagittarius

For those born under the sign of Sagittarius, we find inspiration in the ancient Greek god, Hades. 

Hades’ other name was Pluto, which in Greek means wealth, riches, and the god’s invisible fullness was symbolized by the image of the cornucopia that he held in his hands, overflowing with fruits and vegetables or with jewels, gems, gold and silver.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, Gods in Everyman: Archetypes That Shape Men’s Lives

Some endings are sweet, others are bitter, and still others are bittersweet. But like it or not, endings are inevitable and with this energy, we do ourselves a favour to accept it. 

Consider the story of Persephone, who was the unwitting bride of Hades. Although initially the last thing she (or her mother Demeter) wanted was for her to spend one-half her time in the underworld, her ‘choice’ to do so (by eating the pomegranate seeds) allowed her to step out from under the shadow of her overbearing mother and become a queen in her own right.

Doubtless it took Persephone some time to figure this out. She had to dig deep within herself to find the wisdom and courage to give over to her fate, for indeed fate is what this was, gracefully. Once she was able to do so, however, she was able to appreciate the benefits.

The lesson here is that we ought not to get caught in a downward spiral of sadness for what we have lost, but to find something – anything – positive in the experience and focus on that.

Hades is the god presiding over our descents, investing the darkness in our lives, our depressions, our anxieties, our emotional upheavals and our grief with the power to bring illumination and renewal.

Arianna Stassinopoulos, The Gods of Greece

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